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  1. [SOLVED] Is is possible to specify the NIC used for storage replication?

    migration: insecure,network= copy pasted from mine.... I'd remove the "type=" and maybe the space around the ,
  2. Need advise on updating HP Proliant Gen7 and earler Bios, Firmware and ILO

    Long story short...Prefer DELL over HP, no paywall in front of firmware/updates i
  3. proxmox 7.0 sdn beta test

    Hi, small cosmetical glitch ! both packages have the same names... For what's it's worth ( not much, really regarding the usefulness of this SDN stuff !!!) Merci Etienne
  4. Disk full - unable to run garbage collection

    of just create a "filler" file at repository creation. In case of gc fails with no space.. delete the filler file and restart ...
  5. mdadm

    Quick example: Once a month ( First Sunday of the month) my proxmox server stops responding for a few hours because of a mdadm cron job installed by default with mdadm package starts to check the raid. I'm running a totally unsupported configuration: 3 proxmox nodes; * one hosting 3 HDD in...
  6. [SOLVED] SDN: Please help me debug my config

    OK thanks What I need is * vlan aware bridge for my vm ( with sdn) * a few interfaces accessible to the host only ( for nfs/migration) If I understand well I need to use vmbr9999.90 ... for my "host only" interfaces. Is there any performance difference between vmbr9999.90 and enp1s0d2.90 ?
  7. [SOLVED] SDN: Please help me debug my config

    Me again, I managed to configure the "SDN" on the 2nd port of my NIC (enp1s0d1) thanks to Spirit's useful advice. The first port ( enp1s0) is currently used for "production", but I'm trying to move all traffic off this port and move it to the 2nd NIC port Spirit told us to not tag vlan on...
  8. [SOLVED] SDN: Please help me debug my config

    Hi ! Thanks a lot for your useful advice. vmbr1901 was just created to test my switching infra. I removed all traces from it from all my nodes. I needed to reboot all cluster nodes and ...!!!SUCCESS!! it works as documented! Thanks a lot for the very useful feature and your helpfull support ...
  9. [SOLVED] SDN: Please help me debug my config

    Dear, I'm trying to migrate to sdn in my cluster. I'm doing it by configuring the "sdn" part connected to the "other" sfp+ ( named enp1s0d1) port of my installation Here are my config files: # cat /etc/network/interfaces #... snipped auto vmbr9999 iface vmbr9999 inet manual...
  10. How to setup ssl for pbs?

    systemctl restart proxmox-backup-proxy.service is the. correct service to restart to reload the renewed certificate
  11. [SOLVED] Big problem with my server.

    Any mdadm raid in your machine ? I notice BIG slowdown when the checkarray runs ( there is cron programmed to run monthly every 1st Sunday
  12. Install SSL for Proxmox backup server contains 99% pf what you would need last 0.99%: * check permissions * check is a certificate chain is needed ( maybe list all intermediate certs in your pem file would be enough) very last 0.01%: I let other answer ;-)
  13. increase default chunk size in PBS for better rclone-uploads

    I'd be curious what would be the performance of using restic instead of rclone to move the PBS repository to cloud storage. restic would not find anything to deduplicate but IMHO the "chunk" size is configurable in restic, meaning less but bigger "files" uploaded to the cloud storage...
  14. How to setup ssl for pbs?

    For What it's worth: Next to my "main" cluster ( 3 hosts) sits My "backup server" ( repurposed QNAP TS-853A ). ON backup server "bare metal" is installed PVE ( stand alone, not part of the cluster) together with PBS. PVE is configured using Letsencrypt SSL certificates. I have a weekly cron...
  15. How should I configure my drives

    for option 2, there exist caddy to fit 2 2.5 SATA SSD into one 3.5 slot
  16. q: simple 2-node setup (cluster?)

    QDevice is your friend
  17. [SOLVED] Installed PROXMOX on VMWare Workstation - no internet

    Just a shot in the dark By default , vswitch in vmware only allow one mac address per "vm port". You'd to allow promiscious mode in the vswitch if you want mac addresses from vm /lxc to flow out of the vswitch.
  18. Backup Server and Proxmox on the same physical server

    Connex question; In such scenario (PVE and PBS on the same system), is it possible to share letsencrypt certificates generated byt pve with pbs UI ? Thanks in advance Etienne
  19. how to multi-boot proxmox with ESXi

    In my homelab, my "compute" nodes are DELL optiplex. I installed two 2.5" HDD ( one for proxmox, one for esxi) Only one hdd id activated in bios at once. I use the bios settings to switch from one OS to the other.
  20. PVE install on USB thumb drive

    I use this since months : a little but on small side ( proxmox iso does not want to install on this) but debian netinst does.


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