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  1. OpenLDAP msg=SSL connect attempt failed

    I followed the steps enabling SSL for LDAP with a self-signed certificate, but get the error: Aug 10 05:15:56 world pvedaemon[515]: authentication failure; rhost= user=test2@ldap msg=SSL connect attempt failed
  2. Timeout error at ISO Upload

    Uploading a 3.2GB ISO times out and gives and error Similar to this post,
  3. Portable Proxmox

    What are all of Proxmox's required directories? I'm looking to be able to put in a fresh install of Proxmox, and have Proxmox running by having all of its required settings, configurations, logons, and certificates stored in the ZFS pool I have "images", "templates", "containers", and...
  4. OpenVPN no longer needs lxc.cgroup.devices.allow and lxc.hook.autodev

    Upon 2 nights and 14 hours of troubleshooting later, it turns out Proxmox 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e no longer needs the following lines of code inside /etc/pve/lxc/<container>.conf lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 10:200 rwm lxc.hook.autodev = sh -c "modprobe tun; cd ${LXC_ROOTFS_MOUNT}/dev; mkdir net; mknod...
  5. [SOLVED] PVE v4.4 OpenVPN apparmor DENIED

    PVE: 4.4 Image: Ubuntu 16.10 I'm following the tutorial for setting up OpenVPN, here: This worked just fine in PVE 4.2, and have set up 3 OpenVPN servers this way, but it no loger seems to work in PVE 4.4 I've added to...
  6. LXC Image Ubuntu 16.10 - "tmux: need UTF-8 locale (LC_CTYPE) but have ANSI_X3.4-1968"

    Creating a new container with the Ubuntu 16.10 image produces this error when executing `tmux` This is a possible regression from the Ubuntu 16.04 image, which did not have this issue tmux: need UTF-8 locale (LC_CTYPE) but have ANSI_X3.4-1968 This can be remedied by uncommenting # en_US.UTF-8...
  7. [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: unsupported ubunt version '16.10'

    The new Ubuntu 16.10 lxc image is unable to be used when creating a new container. Did anyone else run into this issue? And also in the error message there's a typo (it says "ubunt" instead of "ubuntu") extracting archive...
  8. [SOLVED] Windows 7 SPICE console non-responsive

    I'm experiencing an issue where the Spice console for Windows 7 (could be for others, too, such as Windows 10), where it is "unresponsive" Meaning, when the VM has been running, and the Spice console disconnects after several hours of inactivity, when reopening the Spice console from Proxmox...
  9. pct set (recursive mount)

    Is there a way to mount zfs directories recursively? It currently does not mount nested ZFS datasets, only the parent dataset, and the manual doesn't have that option pct set 100 -mp0 mp=/target,/target/test
  10. setting key "vm.max_map_count": Read-only file system

    I'm running into the same issue as when running Elasticsearch in Ubuntu 16.04 LXD It was solved here: But I was hoping Proxmox to have dealt with all of these issues What are...
  11. [SOLVED] Proxmox VE 4.2 Bug "Default gateway already exists on interface 'vmbr0'."

    Brand new install of Proxmox VE 4.2 The issue is: unable to create new Linux/OVS Bridge, and throws error, "Default gateway already exists on interface 'vmbr0'" when the default gateways are _not_ the same. Existing gateway: New bridge gateway: How are they the same? Is it...


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