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  1. HowTo: Proxmox VE 7 With Software RAID-1

    By default mdraid scans all disks and partitions for MD superblocks (metadata) on boot. It then checks for a match of the array name or UUID (depending on your config in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf) of the RAID (not the disk UUID!). Therefore, it does not matter what device name the disk receives...
  2. HowTo: Proxmox VE 7 With Software RAID-1

    Introduction The operating system of our servers is always running on a RAID-1 (either hardware or software RAID) for redundancy reasons. Since Proxmox VE 7 does not offer out-of-the-box support for mdraid (there is support for ZFS RAID-1, though), I had to come up with a solution to migrate...
  3. PVE 7 GUI does not like ifupdown2 syntax

    Okay, good to know that this is considered the official workaround. I'll stick to that for now. Thanks, Dietmar!
  4. Bridge does not inherit MTU from ports in PVE 7 using ifupdown2

    Consider the following example config in /etc/network/interfaces: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto mgmt0 iface mgmt0 auto mgmt1 iface mgmt1 auto north0 iface north0 mtu 9000 auto north1 iface north1 mtu 9000 auto bond0 iface bond0 bond-slaves north0 north1 bond-miimon 100...
  5. PVE 7 GUI does not like ifupdown2 syntax

    Using ifupdown, the following config used to be valid and correctly displayed in the Proxmox VE 7 webinterface: auto vlan1120 iface vlan1120 inet static vlan-raw-device vmbr2 address Using ifupdown2 there is no need to add inet static any longer. See...
  6. Reclaim free space in CephFS

    Thanks for your input. `sync` seems to fix the problem for a testfile: root@proxmox-b:/srv/proxmox/backup# du -sh /srv/proxmox/backup 967G /srv/proxmox/backup root@proxmox-b:/srv/proxmox/backup# ceph df detail GLOBAL: SIZE AVAIL RAW USED %RAW USED OBJECTS 19442G...
  7. Reclaim free space in CephFS

    Hey Alwin Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not being more specific in my initial post. We are only keeping x days of backups and the total capacity needed for those backups is somewhere around 1 TB - and remains more or less constant. When I add a 100 GB file and remove it again, `du` shows...
  8. Reclaim free space in CephFS

    Hey guys We are using ceph-fuse to mount a CephFS volume for Proxmox backups at `/srv/proxmox/backup/`. Recently, I noticed that the backup volume kept running out of free space and therefore the backup jobs were failing (we had a Ceph quota of 2 TB in place on the pool for safety reasons)...
  9. Resize availability on PVE

    Thanks dietmar, got it. Let's hope that Linbit will integrate this quite important command pretty soon. Cheers
  10. Resize availability on PVE

    Hi there We have created a Proxmox VE 4.2 cluster and discovered that support for DRBD9 is built-in. Nice work! When we tried resizing the volume of a VM we got the following error message: We were able to resize the volume using basic commands as described in...


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