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  1. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    problem stopped after touching all the mis-dated files.
  2. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    i noticed when performing a live migration, i got msgs like 'file /var/run/qemu-server/ modified in the future'. wonder if this might have anything to do with it.
  3. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    are there any specific log entries that i can check for when a timeout happens on the server end?
  4. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    /var/log/syslog ? what does a sample invalid ticket log entry look like?
  5. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    i'm on kernel 5.15.35-1-pve btw.
  6. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    I'm noticing on some of my pve hosts, my web ui login sessions expire after less than 5 mins. This may have happened on prior versions as well, but I noticed this only after upgrading to 7.2 from 7.1. I've seen some older threads with a similar issue where folks were suggesting time sync issues...
  7. Read-only permissions

    What role/permission should I use if I just need to issue 'get' API commands.
  8. Qemu guest agent on Ubuntu Guest VM.

    qemu-ga allows execution of commands within the VM from the host. this can be api controlled and is a crucial feature for our automation scripts.
  9. problem with hotplug and 64GB ram

    running into the same problem here. TASK ERROR: memory size (65536) must be aligned to 2048 for hotplugging i'm on proxmox 7.1-11.
  10. Remove node from cluster

    doesn't seem to work. i can still see the node in the UI after following the 'Separate a Node Without Reinstalling'.
  11. node with existing VMs joining cluster.

    Is this possible?
  12. VMID range

    Is there a way to restrict the VMIDs to a certain range(s)?
  13. Remove node from cluster

    How do I remove a node from a cluster?
  14. Migrate VM to different host

    how do i do a backup/restore? is there an option to export to an ovf?
  15. Migrate VM to different host

    How can I migrate a VM to another Proxmox host that is not in the same cluster?
  16. VM shutdown on host shutdown.

    do i need to explicitly configure something?
  17. VM shutdown on host shutdown.

    Does proxmox initiate a proper guest shutdown in the VM when shuting down the host?
  18. delete cd drive

    i've figured it out. pvesh set nodes/NODE/qemu/VMID/config -delete=ide2
  19. delete cd drive

    how do i delete the CD drive via pvesh?
  20. Proxmox 7 fast reboot with kexec?

    i tried the instructions posted above, but i get systemctl kexec No boot loader entry suitable as default, refusing to guess.


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