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  1. Move disk stored on LVM from virtual machine to container?

    Hi, Upgrading some of our virtual machines, I'm moving to containers where possible. One of our machines has a large 4TB disk stored on LVM storage (we use hardware RAID underneath so we don't use ZFS). I'd like to detach this disk from the virtual machine and attach it to the new container. is...
  2. Ubuntu template configuration?

    Hi, I'm wondering how you create the Ubuntu templates that you make available. We have a number of developers that are still using Virtual Box (yes, I know...) and installing a virtual machine with a minimal Ubuntu server installation results in many more packages than what's in the Ubuntu...
  3. Container backup skips volume mount point even with backup=1

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox as my development workstation, doing my development inside various LXC containers. These are configured with a small root disk to which I usually add a larger mount point mounted on /home for all my data -- the idea being I can copy these and/or attach these to new...
  4. Are you going to add built-in support for Let's Encrypt?

    Hi, Recent versions of Proxmox VE have a built-in ACME client which works really well (we use DNS domain validation). Are you going to add this same support into PBS? I don't see it on the roadmap. If so, for installs where the PBS is installed to the same host OS install as PVE (ie...
  5. Limitations of LXC containers for (large) production servers?

    I'm concerned about the limitations of LXC containers for production servers. Currently we run our main production servers (web, database, etc) as KVM virtual machines but were considering deploying them in containers in future. We have quite a few small applications running in containers and...
  6. [SOLVED] udisksd using lots of CPU

    I'm having a problem that has been reported by other Debian and Ubuntu users that udisksd is using lots of CPU. Right now I'm investigating workarounds rather than solutions so my question is: Is this service essential to Proxmox? What happens if I stop and disable it?
  7. Upgrade 4.4 to 6.0?

    Hi, What's the best way to upgrade from Proxmox 4.4 to something more current, probably 6.0? Our servers are basically default installs and are patched up-to-date. All of our VMs and containers are stored in LVM. We don't use ZFS. Our servers aren't clustered in any way. Thanks, Colin
  8. [SOLVED] Can't login to Ubuntu 18.04 container created from supplied template

    Hi, I created an Ubuntu 18.04 container under Proxmox 4.4 from the supplied template. Didn't supply an SSH key, just a password. But when I try to login on the console I type: root <enter> and then shortly after it says Incorrect login There's never a prompt for the password. How do I...
  9. [SOLVED] Why is unprivileged container not the default?

    Reading both Proxmox and the LXC team are recommending that we use unprivileged containers, and stop using privileged containers. So why is not the default?
  10. [SOLVED] Is it safe to delete a user?

    Hi, Our former system adminsitrator left our company; is it safe to delete his Proxmox accounts? These are in the PVE Authentication realm. Don't all the permissions go via roles? And I understand it's not possible for such a user to "own" anything, correct? Thanks, Colin
  11. Proxmox Storage Replication on LVM?

    Hi, Do you plan to make Proxmox Storage Replication work on LVM at some point in the future? Or will it forever be ZFS only? Thanks, Colin


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