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  1. LXC with CUPS and /dev/usb/lp0

    I just wanted to come around and say I am having a similar problem with symlink and UDEV with printers
  2. Best performance seen for PFSense? Can I do better?

    Amazingly, switching to virtio worked. It pretty much wiped all my NAT settings and such, but throughput is better.
  3. Best performance seen for PFSense? Can I do better?

    I am running into performance issues and would like to have better throughput with my PFSense. I run my Proxmox in a colo location for a very decent price. It is a dual 2.6GHz E5-2650 with 40GB of RAM on an Intel S2600GZ motherboard For good security, I have all the traffic go through PFSense...
  4. Networking between PFSense VM and PVE went down. Internet was up.

    I am baffled by this one. I run a one machine PVE environment running OVS with everything going through PFSense via two vm bridges. Everything has been working great, but this morning something unusual happened. Network connectivity between my VMs and PVE were down. Connectivity between PFSense...
  5. Shared storage between CTs without bind mounts to have VE Snapshots?

    I've been reading through the wiki and the various posts, but I am beginning to have the distinct understanding that having sharing files/folders between CTs in unprivileged containers without bind mounts is not something that is available? I am currently running two ZFS pools and I have a...
  6. Debian buster LXC container

    I want to understand the security implications of this. Why would I want to run nesting or not?
  7. Debian buster LXC container

    Mine seems to not be editable. As in, no features are present. It's also an unprivileged container. Does that make a difference? Edit: I need privileged permissions. My bad.
  8. Debian buster LXC container

    How do I do this, specifically?
  9. Ubuntu Snaps inside LXC container on Proxmox

    I must be doing something incorrectly. david@proxmox:~$ sudo apt update Ign:1 stable InRelease Hit:2 stretch InRelease Hit:3 stable/updates InRelease...
  10. Ubuntu Snaps inside LXC container on Proxmox

    That's helpful. Thank you. Is pve-container version 2.0-28 in the test repository? Because I am running pve-container 2.0-25 and that seems to be the only version available. I have this in my source.list: deb stretch pve-enterprise
  11. Ubuntu Snaps inside LXC container on Proxmox

    I gotta admit, I don't know what all that means. I'd like to be able to use snaps with proxmox LXC, but that it way beyond my knowledge level. Is there something easier?
  12. Cannot create Unprivledged container - not permitted on urandom and random

    I am trying to create a Nextcloud container, but it is saying it is not permitted to mknod urandom and random. I don't know what this means, but I am having trouble finding the solution. I do not know what you need to know to help me, so please let me know. Thanks in advance. Formatting...
  13. Backup: span multiple files?

    I am trying to transfer my vma.gz files to Amazon Cloud Drive via RClone. It usually works fine with 15-30GB files, but these files are 100GB. Is there a way I can tell Proxmox to span multiple files? Is there an alternative?


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