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  1. HA migration target when node reboots

    Well, I tried to set same numerical prority in all nodes and then restarted one node. No changes, all migrated VMs went to the same node :-( Don't know if this is normal behavior or I might be missing some point
  2. HA migration target when node reboots

    Hi! I have only 1 ha group All 3 nodes have no priority, should I set a numerical one (same for all) instead of leaving it blank?
  3. HA migration target when node reboots

    Hi! PVE 7.1 here with HA Cluster and CEPH storage I have 3 nodes running 3 VMs each one, all nodes same priority. Migration works great. HA policy is to migrate when a node goes maintenance mode, and its doing fine except it's moving all VMs to the same node So when I reboot a node, I go from...
  4. pvenode ACME

    Hi, rlovelett Same problem here since last night. Did you get any fix or explanation?
  5. Failed to load config for xxx

    Thanks very much, Stoiko
  6. Failed to load config for xxx

    Thanks, Stoiko! I was looking elsewhere, didn't see that. In fact, problems started after (failed) update, so it seems kernel was not updated but some other packages did :-/ Do you think a dist-upgrade would fix this?
  7. Failed to load config for xxx

    Hi all. I have a problem with a proxmox server that shows all LXC containers stopped. pve-manager/5.3-5/97ae681d (running kernel: 4.4.6-1-pve) Containers are online and working, but all pct commands fail: #pct list Failed to load config for 108 Failure to retrieve information on...
  8. Only one interface works on container

    And one year later, I'm facing the same problem! It happens with centos7 template, but not with centos6 template. I downloaded a centos7 alternative template from and got the same result. Can't find what's wrong :-(
  9. Automatic repair for fsck on boot

    Hi! Time ago we used FSCKFIX=yes in /etc/default/rcS to automatically repair defect filesystems during boot. ( Later, Debian moved to systemd so we started using systemd-fsck@.service to force repair on check...
  10. Should I run zpool upgrade online?

    Hi! After last OS upgrade, I need to run "zpool upgrade" on my pools I'm not sure how that upgrade works on pools, so questions are: Is it safe to make it "online"? Should I stop virtual machines running on those zfs pools? Should I stop any other service? Or should I run "zpool upgrade"...
  11. VLAN in bridge interface

    Thanks, Spirit. Just used your sample and realised my mistake was in the vlan ID being too long. Thank you for your help ;-)
  12. VLAN in bridge interface

    Hi all. I have a single dedicated server with a single network interface. I'm using proxmox 4.2 on it, fresh install. This server is using a bridge, vmbr0, which uses the only available physical interface, eth0 I need to configure a second network in the same interface, plus using a specific...
  13. Deleted image of running vm

    Years later, you still saved my day! Thanks very much!
  14. signed SSL certificates

    Saved my ass! thank you!
  15. pvedaemon restart with running VMs

    Thanks, Tom. Being "almost" sure is not as safe as being completely sure :-)
  16. pvedaemon restart with running VMs

    Hi all. I'm not sure if restarting pvedaemon will stop my running VMs. Can somebody answer this question?
  17. Problems with OVH NFS NAS

    Mir, NAS is managed, I can't put my hands on it, it's external, OVH just let me see my partition, so I cannot log into the NAS neither see its configuration. That's why I need to guest what is happening to my CT
  18. Problems with OVH NFS NAS

    That's the problem: I have no idea about it, I just have a control panel to authorize IPs but NFS NAS is out of my control :-(
  19. Problems with OVH NFS NAS

    After more than 30 minutes "starting" the CT, I see this processes running on it: # vzctl exec 102 ps ax PID TTY STAT TIME COMMAND 1 ? Ds 0:00 init [3] 2 ? S 0:00 [kthreadd/102] 3 ? S 0:00 [khelper/102]...
  20. Problems with OVH NFS NAS

    This is the startup log: # vzctl --verbose start 102Starting container ... Container is mounted Adding IP address(es): Running container script: /etc/vz/dists/scripts/ /bin/cp: preserving permissions for `/etc/sysconfig/network.4': Operation not supported /bin/cp...


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