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  1. Backup server eating drives

    Smartctl was not showing errors, only the zpool status (read and write). The above errors looked suspicious, so I cleared it and let the drive resilver back in to use. Then I wrote 74T to the pool, and scrubbed it. No errors still. So I've now gone almost a week without any errors at all...
  2. Backup server eating drives

    I took a working FreeNAS system and reformatted it for Proxmox backup server. It contains 36 4T Seagate SAS drives, and has been in use for almost three years. After I started using it, it started getting errors on the drives, and failing them out of the zpool. Recently, it was failing a drive...
  3. Occasional backup failures

    I thought that setting a BW limit of 1G on the backup server helped, but it's still doing it after another day or two. Oddly, when I backup to a NFS mount (NetApp) I get no errors. The same VMs backed up to a Proxmox backup server gets timeouts. Both the NFS and the Proxmox backup server have...
  4. Occasional backup failures

    Email: 430 test1 FAILED 00:02:33 VM 430 qmp command 'backup' failed - got timeout From the backup server: 2022-01-21T01:05:38-08:00: starting new backup on datastore 'store1': "vm/430/2022-01-21T09:07:33Z" 2022-01-21T01:05:38-08:00: download 'index.json.blob' from previous backup...
  5. Occasional backup failures

    The cluster nodes each have dual 40g links to dual switches, in a trunk. The backup server has dual 10g links, so could be buried by 12 high-end nodes doing backup simultaneously. The CEPH runs on a vlan on the same trunk as the backup, which is on another vlan. Any tips on how to slow down...
  6. Occasional backup failures

    It looks like all nodes backup simultaneously. Is there any way to spread out the backups, maybe have the nodes go sequentially? It's not a race, I don't care how long it takes as long as it is less than a few hours.
  7. Occasional backup failures

    I've not found how to increase the timeout. This is becoming very concerning though. Most every night I have a few VMs that fail to backup. 420 VM 420 FAILED 00:00:00 unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/test-prox-n101/qemu-server/420.conf.tmp.729468' - Device or resource busy 902...
  8. Occasional backup failures

    Sometimes the VM is shutdown, so nothing in the logs. Had one failure this weekend of a VM that has been off for a week. 6 failures last night. 17 fails out of 2,977 backups so far. Worth noting, I'm backing up to a NFS mount twice a day too (offset by six hours), and no failures occurred on...
  9. Occasional backup failures

    Just got a new failure: 118: 2021-11-19 12:32:06 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 118 (qemu) 118: 2021-11-19 12:32:06 INFO: status = running 118: 2021-11-19 12:32:06 INFO: VM Name: spk-ubuntu-test2 118: 2021-11-19 12:32:06 INFO: include disk 'scsi0' 'spk-ceph-pool1:vm-118-disk-0' 32G 118: 2021-11-19...
  10. Occasional backup failures

    My test bed backs up 4 times a day- twice to a NFS mount, and twice to the Proxmox Backup server. No additional failures since the above, no network or other changes since then either. This was not the first time backups have failed. Out of 2713 backups to the Proxmox Backup server, I have 15...
  11. Occasional backup failures

    Sorry, was reporting the Proxmox Backup version. My Proxmox cluster was updated to the latest a few weeks ago. It's on 7.0-13.
  12. Occasional backup failures

    I was running 2.0-13, I just tripped an update to 2.0-14. No failures in backups last night though.
  13. Occasional backup failures

    The VMs that fail appear to be random, I wouldn't want to disable the guest agent on all of my VMs. They are all upgraded to the lastest version AFAIK, this is a test bed so all-new.
  14. Occasional backup failures

    I have a cluster backing up to a dedicated Proxmox Backup server, which is normally working great. Out of 54 VMs, three, all from the same node failed backup last night: 313: 2021-11-15 01:04:04 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 313 (qemu) 313: 2021-11-15 01:04:04 INFO: status = running 313...
  15. Backup on Supermicro, Broadcom SAS3008

    I've read that as well, and sounds like good advice, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried to remove/replace a drive by ID, and it wouldn't take it, but maybe that's because I didn't create the pool that way. Managing 36 disk-name IDs on one command line when they are each 22+ chars would be...
  16. Backup on Supermicro, Broadcom SAS3008

    A good thought- The drives in my system are as old as the firmware. Have you found instructions on updating the firmware on this card? I just checked again, and I'm running the newest BIOS available for my system from Supermicro, 3.4a, but I've not tried to update the card's firmware.
  17. Backup on Supermicro, Broadcom SAS3008

    Since I have two clusters to backup, and I can't backup them both to the same backup server, I setup a small pool on the boot drive for my small cluster, and am using it until Proxmox Backup supports multiple clusters natively. The errors in this are from my testing and all. My OCD wants to...
  18. Backup on Supermicro, Broadcom SAS3008

    Yep, sas3ircu works just fine. I've got backups running, have 1188 backups on it already, and just restored from it this morning. AFAIK, everything is working just fine. As part of my testing, I spared out a drive, watched the raid degrade, wiped the drive with dd, then added it back in. It...
  19. Guest Agent not running

    Thank you ielbury, my issue was that the VirtIO Serial Driver was not there. Got that installed (virtio-win-gt-x64.msi from;O=D) and it's working now. Thanks for posting the fix-
  20. Backup on Supermicro, Broadcom SAS3008

    For even more fun, one big pool of all the drives: zpool create -m /mnt/datastore/storage storage raidz2 sda sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdh sdi raidz2 sdj sdk sdl sdm sdn sdo sdp sdq sdr raidz2 sds sdt sdu sdv sdw sdx sdy sdz sdaa raidz2 sdab sdac sdad sdae sdaf sdag sdah sdai sdaj zpool set...


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