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  1. Tuxis launches free Proxmox Backup Server BETA service

    Clicking on that link takes me to the home page?
  2. Lost backup list

    Hello All i currently backup all of my VMs to a NFS share (UnRAID server) for the longest time when i clicked on the VM and clicked backup i would have a list there of my daily backups, few days ago i notice that the list is gone, i can still click the share and click backups and i see them...
  3. To Ceph or not to Ceph

    so as far as network goes, the best way to set up ceph is to have 2 dedicated 10g connections? one for Ceph Public Network and one for Ceph Sync Network? so at the end it would look something like: 1 1G for Proxmox Network 1 10G for Ceph Public Network 1 10G for Ceph Sync Network
  4. To Ceph or not to Ceph

    Wow full-mesh setup seems very interesting (could have save money on that 10gb switch :( )
  5. To Ceph or not to Ceph

    Yeah i was hopping the local part would be faster. So my theoretical highest speed will be 1250 MByte/s at 10G. Im going to take a look at the full mesh setup, never heard of it... And as far as my needs go, it is my home lab main cluster, so i want it to be up as much as possible. I dont have...
  6. To Ceph or not to Ceph

    1 OSD per node, and yes default 3. Sounds good ill do that
  7. To Ceph or not to Ceph

    Hello all, I currently have 4 servers, running nvme disk on a pci-e card. I setup a cluster and a ceph cluster but im getting really poor performance. When i run the ceph bench I get about 140 MB/s using a 1G line. Im going to upgrade to 10G next week (waiting on some NICs) but shouldnt i be...
  8. 8 SSDs best configuration homelab?

    Hello All, I just got an R620 for my homelab, it has a h710p mini, i have about 8 SSDs 120GB each, that i probably want to use for proxmox, I already have a large unraid server with lots of storage, so im thinking about using proxmox only for VMs and trying to maximize their speed. I will run a...
  9. Proxmox ZFS issue

    " Hello all im having an issue with ZFS and proxmox, for some reason it is reporting that im using X amount of data on side but different on another. Here is the zfs list -r data zfs list -r data NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT data 2.45T...
  10. Community Subscription Plan

    What do i get if i buy a community subscription plan? i dont really care about tech support but any other benefits???
  11. Multiple web servers same port

    So i have a proxmox setup with multiple webservers containers having different data, i will like to access them with subdomains, for example should point to and should point to, what's the best way of doing? Im pretty sure...
  12. ZFS and Storage Question

    So after i create a zfs pool, created data/data, so the question is whats the best way to mount this inside promox? i have two options mount it as ZFS or mount it as a directory, any speed difference between the two? any considerations or issues between the two? also i want to be able to access...
  13. ZFS and Storage Question

    Yup im using containers, if i add the storage to my datacenter as directory i can mount it to multiple containers if i add it as ZFS only one right?
  14. ZFS and Storage Question

    So i have 2 pools rpool my install pool (3 ssd in raid 1) and data which is 4 1tb drives zpool status -v pool: data state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM data ONLINE 0 0 0 raidz1-0 ONLINE 0...
  15. ZFS and Storage Question

    So i created a raidz zfs with 4 drives, and created few pools, now i want to use one of my pools for data like for a file/media server, how should i add it to proxmox? ass a ZFS or as a directory?? I may need to access folder of this pool from different vms? I see the shared checkbox when adding...
  16. Proxmox setup question

    Remember i have another hdd pool 4x 1tb drives But i really like that 3 way mirror idea!!! i think thats the winner.. Thanks!!!!
  17. Proxmox setup question

    So what should one do with 3 drives then? Use 2 for raid-1 and other for cache? I dont care about size (gb) i only care about speed and protection in case one drive fails Basically i only need about 60gb worth of containers so i could live with only 2 of the 120gb ssd just not sure if i can use...
  18. Proxmox setup question

    How is this possible? Raidz1 write in stripping with parity where raid 1 needs to write in mirror mode... shouldnt raidz1 have a higher read/write speed meaning higher iops?


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