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  1. Need some help with the media pool policies

    Great. Thanks a lot. Is there an elegant way to handle holidays? So inserting the Friday-tape at thursday f.e. will not work if we use several friday-tapes for the month - or will the Friday-tape get written to on thurday _AND_ friday with the new allocation policy?
  2. Need some help with the media pool policies

    Yes, that's exactly what i want! Currently my pool hat "allocate always" and "retention 7 days" - which isn't what i want. Setting it to "allocate fr. 17:00" and "retention 7 days" while running the jobs mo-fr 18:00 would result in a new set every friday evening, starting with ALL chunks of the...
  3. Need some help with the media pool policies

    I already keep snapshots of everything on 2 separate systems (one on-site, one synced to my location) - the tape backup is just the last resort and should only contain the most recent snapshot of each vm ("last only" - works as expected) I also read trough the documentation, but some parts are...
  4. Need some help with the media pool policies

    Hello, as the topic tells: I need some help as i'm quite new to the topic of tape backups. We have a PBS saving around 8TB of machines (last snapshot) per day. Our media pool should have 4-5 friday/weekend-tapes (full) and 4 weektime tapes for incremential changes to keep the duration low...
  5. Seagate Exos Enterprise 6TB HDD issues with PBS

    I had some quite good results with just adding 2 SSDs as l2arc. That dropped GC and other tasks by some magnitudes. Only problem left is the "not so perfect" read/write-rate to the tape device (around 150mb/s, with tops up to 180mb/s and some dips) The l2arc - in contrast to special devices -...
  6. Unable to label media

    It seems like PBS doesn't like RAID-controllers, even when they pass-trough the drive entirely. Maybe it relies on some exotic commands that aren't 100% emulated / passed to the drive which linux and other backup tools don't use.
  7. Unable to label media

    I see you're from .AT ... can you please contact me via PM if you're interested in such a controller? (gerne deutschsprachig!) Unfortunately, i wasn't able to contact you directly.
  8. Unable to label media

    The controller itself never has been a problem. It passes trough tape-devices. Neither via mt/tar/dd-stuff directly on linux, nor via iscsi or esos talking to a windows-server-vm with veritas backup - everything was fine. So at first, it was not logical to search there. But because i got one on...
  9. Unable to label media

    After changing the controller from an Adaptec ASR-5805 to a dumb LSI one, at least the labeling works. Right now i've started a backup job, drive is idling: 2022-03-29T09:09:11+02:00: update media online status 2022-03-29T09:09:11+02:00: media set uuid: 548b060a-9dc0-4750-9f41-e1a115063440...
  10. Unable to label media

    Sorry, didn't notice that. The lto8 is factory new, the lto7 worked for veritas and linux (dd) for several years. no encryption or any extraordinary stuff. dmesg stays silent during the error. Is there a way to dump the communication while doing a task? Maybe that way we can get any further...
  11. Unable to label media

    ➜ ~ sg_raw -r 1k /dev/tape/by-id/scsi-10WT124396-sg 12 00 00 00 60 00 SCSI Status: Good Received 96 bytes of data: 00 01 80 06 12 41 01 10 02 49 42 4d 20 20 20 20 20 ....A...IBM 10 55 4c 54 52 49 55 4d 2d 48 48 38 20 20 20 20 20 ULTRIUM-HH8 20 4e 39 4d 31 00 00 6a 00 00...
  12. Unable to label media

    Same error: ➜ ~ proxmox-tape scan --drive LTO8 rewinding tape Error: read failed - scsi command failed: transport error ➜ ~ proxmox-tape scan --drive LTO7 rewinding tape Error: read failed - scsi command failed: transport error ➜ ~ Are there some other low-level logs i can provide?
  13. Unable to label media

    Same thing on the LTO7-drive which. "2022-03-22T11:23:51+01:00: TASK ERROR: read failed - scsi command failed: transport error" Formating went fine!
  14. Unable to label media

    ➜ ~ proxmox-tape label --label-text full --drive LTO8 TASK ERROR: media read error - read failed - scsi command failed: transport error
  15. Unable to label media

    Thank you very much in advance! The drive is a plain standard LTO8, freshly bought. Vendordiagnostics don't show any problems. The media is nothing special, proxmox-tape status shows some written data: ┌──────────────────────────────────────────── │ Name │ Value │...
  16. Unable to label media

    proxmox-backup 2.1-1 running kernel: 5.13.19-6-pve proxmox-backup-server 2.1.5-1 running version: 2.1.5 pve-kernel-helper 7.1-13 pve-kernel-5.13 7.1-9 pve-kernel-5.13.19-6-pve 5.13.19-14 pve-kernel-5.13.19-1-pve 5.13.19-3 ifupdown2...
  17. Unable to label media

    Hello, i freshly connected a new LTO8-drive to my PBS. The drive gets detected. Eject, Erase, Format etc works fine. But i'm unable to label the media. I only get the following error: "media read error - read failed - scsi command failed: transport error" The tape itself is a brand new sony...
  18. [TUTORIAL] Editing PBS backups by adding comment/note

    Thanks, shouldn't be to hard to script something via python or php... I'll post my result here, if i get it right.
  19. [TUTORIAL] Editing PBS backups by adding comment/note

    Inside the PBS-gui i am able to change the note of the complete node, not only its items. That way, even if the folder isn't open, i am able to see which VM is contained. I wasn't able to find a command to do this via shell, thus i'm not able to extend the script to do this. Does anyone know how...
  20. File restore not working, strange errormessage

    nevermind, update AND reboot fixed the problem!


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