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  1. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    Ill take a look when I have some time I use that plugin as well, and it has bugs. There's an option for windows VMs and I'm pretty sure it uses the guest agent to apply settings. Cloud init is preferable though because it works with any deployment method, and you don't need a separate product...
  2. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    Check my attached image above bro
  3. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    well its not like a computer needs to know the exact route to get there like I need the route to get to the supermarket, the computer is just sending a packet down the line addresses to that IP address. by giving it an gw outside of the ips subnet it just sends the packet there still and doesn't...
  4. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    You can bro I had this as well, using it with some server provider where gw was not on the same subnet. If you wade through the cloudbase python files, you can see where it uses the windows wmi interface to set the IP. if we catch the error windows spits at us for a gw outside of subnet -...
  5. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    Hi guys, sorry for my late reply. There was an error in my original post now that I look back. In cloudbase configuration, its not inject_user_password that should be no, its first_logon_behaviour that should be no. inject_user_password should be yes or True. inject_user_password=no means that...
  6. GRUB error on reboot - device not found

    i managed to fix this changing sata config in bios to legacy and back to sata-ahci. not sure why or how this works, because it was on ahci before, but it did so I'm not going to complain. exporting the pool may have played a part but I'm in no rush to try and replicate the issue again.
  7. GRUB error on reboot - device not found

    I have this same problem, HP sl4540 gen8, dual e5 2470v2 192gb. two hdds on the integrated raid controller for os, other raid controller with ceph disks. after reboot wont boot again, tried bitfactory steps, turns out one drive in the zpool is failed except its still there, try replacing the...
  8. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    Watch the serial port and see what it says there. If you put no for PW inject no then you won't have to change password on first login. Check cloudbase docs for more info. Post serial port log and maybe I can help more
  9. Finally Cloudbase Init windows servers for you guys still looking
  10. [TUTORIAL] windows cloud init working

    Hi guys, I have gotten cloud init to work with windows with some modification to proxmox and a windows template. since all of the other threads regarding this don't work anymore, at least i couldn't get them to, i thought i would share what i did. the part is making proxmox save windows...


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