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  1. [TUTORIAL] Using IPv6 on SYS (probably similar on OVH)

    IPv6 issued to me by SYS XXXX:XXXX:XX:XX6e::/64 (X's are redacted for privacy) I am using Windows 10 as a testbed running in Proxmox 7.1-8 For IPv6 config: Address: XXXX:XXXX:XX:XX6e:0000:0000:0000:1000 (you can change any of the 0's in the last 4 blocks, I used 1000) Prefix: 64 GW...
  2. Help needed configuring IPV6 on OVH server

    I hear you. lol Took me a while figuring out on getting IPv4 passed through... now "learning" how to do the same with IPv6.... way too much fun. It also doesn't help that OVH/SYS/etc... practices weird non-standard configurations.
  3. Help needed configuring IPV6 on OVH server

    Hey LupoSol. Any luck with this IPv6? I am going through the same issue right now trying to figure out the configuration.
  4. [SOLVED] No Repositories option under Updates

    Duh. Thanks, man. That actually fixed another issue I was having. Ugh.. too early and not enough coffee.... lol
  5. [SOLVED] No Repositories option under Updates

    Upgraded from the latest 6 (can't remember the exact revision but I kept it updated) to 7.1-8. There is no dropdown in Updates to see the Repositories menu. Had to manually edit out the Enterprise option. So just throwing this out there in case it's a bug...
  6. Private IP server for just Quorum?

    Ok, didn't know that. Thanks for the info. "independent server" that has to be just a basic VPS type? so cant be installed on the nodes and I would assume needs a Public IP? or can spin up a regular Ubuntu and use port forwarding in the firewall? Thanks
  7. Private IP server for just Quorum?

    Hi, This is just my learning and testing playground. HA is not needed... just basic testing VMs. I have 2 servers already in a Cluster with public IPs. They work without any problems. Just ran into an issue when upgrading one of these it came offline and I couldn't do much because I had no 3rd...
  8. Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    I'd be interested to know what you guys figure out. I just tried upgrading 6 to 7 on SYS (basic server, nothing but firewall and 2 VMs..., no special config) and now it's inaccessible. Wondering if SYS has an issue with their setup and v7.
  9. Unable to open Shell : Connection failed (Error 500: Timeout while waiting for port '5900' to get ready!)

    The only way I can get shell is if I click Shell option on the upper right corner and select noVNC. Also by connecting with Putty of course. Initially when I set it up I am thinking I got the certificate before setting up firewall. 3 month later because it couldn't auto renew my certificate...
  10. Unable to open Shell : Connection failed (Error 500: Timeout while waiting for port '5900' to get ready!)

    Moayad, Here is the certificate Order: (It's identical with both nodes) Task viewer: SRV - Order Certificate OutputStatus Stop Loading ACME account details Placing ACME order Order URL: Getting authorization details from...
  11. Unable to open Shell : Connection failed (Error 500: Timeout while waiting for port '5900' to get ready!)

    I haven't had any issues with this previously and it seems like this started after applying last updates. (Especially since I was able to apply them previously without any problems.) Now any time I try to open shell to either of my 2 nodes this comes up. Mar 12 08:58:50 node1 pvedaemon[7683]...


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