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  1. VirtIO SCSI Hard Disk Inaccessible on W2K22 on Boot

    Hi, i just change Boot-disk for One Win2K22 OS to VirtIO SCSI. Before i created one dummy 1GB Hard-Disk on same VM to install necssary drivers. After i changed setting to boot from new configured disk in Proxmox Options but i get BSOD with message "disk is not accessiable...". So it seems...
  2. Moving all disks to new Storage

    Hi, Sometimes i need to move all disk of each VM to new storage in order to maintenance on SAN. I do this by clicking manually trough each VM and move each disk. Is there any command to move all existing disks on one storage to another? Thanks! Kind Regards
  3. User Erhält viel Spam

    Hi, grundsätzlich funktioniert alles mit der Spam-Filterung, nur ein user erhält viel mehr Spam als ein anderer. Wie kann ich bitte die Regeln für eine E-Mail anziehen? Danke!
  4. [SOLVED] Upgrade to 7 - No Network after Reboot

    Hi Guys. After reboot network is lost on one of my nodes. I see all NIC are in stat down. I can simple bring back network by this command: "/etc/init.d/networking/ restart". I wonder why it don´t boot at first place. Maybe i´m missing the hw-mac on bridges? iface eno1 inet manual iface...
  5. MSL2024 Tape Change

    Hi, i just connected MSL2024 to my proxmox backup server and struggle to get it working. Anyhow had this tape changer succesfully integrated with PMB ? Thanks.
  6. [SOLVED] Multipath Fibre-Channel Setup

    Hi. I just connected each of my node with 2 cables to 2 different switches which are connected to FC SAN. As each node have 2 connections i see the same disk 2-times: Then i installed multipath in order to allow only one connection to my SAN at one time. The configuration requires to set...
  7. [SOLVED] DKIM Public Key Invalid

    Hi, when i use the public key generated in proxmox and put it to DNS, after a DKIM check it get on all dkim checks response: public key invalid. All other tags are correct. I striped """ and spaces. This is how my record value looks like...
  8. [SOLVED] Error: delivery temporarily suspended

    Hi, i just made an upgrade to two nodes of PMG from 6 to 7. After following the upgrade manual and rebooting both servers i get this messages for all incoming mail which are not transported: Error: delivery temporarily suspended: conversation with[] timed out while receiving...
  9. Software Defined Storage Solution

    Hi Guys. I´m thinking of using either TrueNAS or Windows Server with it´s Storage capabilites. I´m not really sure which one to focus to have it as a Storage backend for my proxmox cluster which consist of 5 nodes. Mainly i want to have a very fast storage with high IO. Disks and everything...
  10. Proxmox VM Backup Stop-mode

    Hi, is it normal behaviour for VM backup with stop-mode having it shutdown, then booting up and backup starts. My idea was it will keep offline until backup is complete and only after that boots the vm back online?
  11. Infiniband with naming ibX not managable via GUI

    Hi, after upgrading prox to 6.x its not possible to manage infiniband devices or any with names like ibX. Is there any workaround to modify my proxmox to get network gui working on this again? Temporary i have moved the infiniband cards to an external configuration file other then...
  12. [SOLVED] Spam filter for specific E-Mail address

    Hi, we have one user for one domain which gets a high amount of spam, other emails of this domain don´t have this problem. Is it possible to increase the filter threshold only for one specific email? Thanks for help.
  13. CEPH Network with 2 Switches

    Hi, i have 2 infiniband switches where i have one switch active for ceph traffic. The aim is to use the second switch either for failover or perfomance (or both whatever is possible with 2 switches acting independently and not trunked together). The problem is i can´t truncate both switches...
  14. [SOLVED] Infiniband Mellanox 40Gb Speed Low

    Hi, first, merry christmas guys! I just installed 2 mellanox infiniband cards (40Gb Connectx-2) each on on server and installed after that the latest mellanox drivers from here: Finally i made a test with iperf but i get only this...
  15. [SOLVED] Cant install Mellanox Driver

    Hi, i struggle to complete the installation of the mellanox driver (MLNX_OFED) ( When i start the installation process with the included script "mlnxofedinstall" It shows: ############## ... Do you want to continue?[y/N]:y Checking...
  16. [SOLVED] Migrate physiacal Root-Server to KVM

    Hi, i have a remote root server (hetzner provider) and would like to migrate the hard disk to kvm. What is the best way to do this? dd the entire disk to an external hard disk? Thanks
  17. [SOLVED] Restore VM without config but only Backup

    Hi, i lost one node in an single setup including VM-Config. I have only Backup of all VM being created with built-in Proxmox Backup functionality. Can i restore my VM only with those backups on a new Proxmox Installation? Thanks!
  18. [SOLVED] Not working: pvecm expected

    Hi, I have 2 nodes in a cluster (i know it is not recommend...) and need to set the expected value from 2 to 1: "pvecm expected 1" But after i get still this output: Votequorum information ---------------------- Expected votes: 2 Highest expected: 2 Total votes: 2 Quorum: 2...
  19. [SOLVED] Best Practive where to install Proxmox OS - Cluster

    Hi, i plan to install proxmox on on a cluster of 5 servers where i have only 1 SD Card slot or some USB Slots available. The hard drive i plan to use of course for CEPH. My questions is what is best practice to install the operating system to? To a SD card or USB? Due the writes those Flash...
  20. [SOLVED] InPlace Upgrade to Version 5.1

    Hi, haven´t found any ressources to upgrade my existing Proxmox Installation. Are there any notes to upgrade existing installations or using just the default debian dist-upgrade? Thanks!


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