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  1. sumsum

    10gbps streaming server under proxmox?

    We run KVM vm‘s with icecast Streaming servers since years and serve several 1000‘s of listeners. No issues with network
  2. sumsum

    Seit PVE 6.1: stockende VM während dem Backup

    Das kann ich nur bestätigen, die Backups via CIFS funktionieren tadellos. Bei NFS muss wirklich irgendwo ein Bug drin sein.
  3. sumsum

    Guest VM CPU spike during backup

    Just to sum up what we've tested right now Backup on Local Storage works more or less. we have no high cpu spikes but sometimes interrupts NFS Target with nfs vers=4.2 high CPU spikes and issues as described NFS Targets with nfs vers=4.1high CPU spikes and issues as described we played with...
  4. sumsum

    Guest VM CPU spike during backup

    We experience here the same issue on 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.13-1-pve), pve-manager: 6.1-5 (running version: 6.1-5/9bf06119) disabling the guest agent or/and limiting I/O does not help. The Backup Storage used is nfs4 The Spike in Windows & Linux VM's goes up to 100% for several seconds...
  5. sumsum

    Proxmox 6.0 - release date? Preview builds? (Debian Buster is out 6th July, 2019)

    I‘m Aware that the following won‘t delivers the answer. But in Debian Terms : „As always, it will be released when it’s ready” ;)
  6. sumsum

    Networking for guests stopped working after hours

    It May be a OVH Issue and Not related to Proxmox. A while back I experienced the Same Problem. 4 out 8 Linux VM‘s lost Connection. Before they were Running over month w/o problems. My Solution, regenerate new MAC addresses for those failing VM‘s. The OVH Network/Switch just lost the MAC address...
  7. sumsum

    Older HP DL380 G7 NIC speed now limited to 100 Mb/s, wasn't before

    We are Running a few Proliant G7 Servers with the same NIC and PVE 5.3. so far w/o any issues. Have you tried to Check/replace the network cables? Or Even change the Switch Port.
  8. sumsum

    Windows Server Network Adapter crash?

    und nach der "Name Resolution..." Meldung kam etwas ähnliches wie : "Das Schließen einer UDP-Socket mit der lokalen Portnummer "56327" im Prozess "888" dauert länger als erwartet. Die lokale Portnummer ist möglicherweise erst nach Abschluss dieses Vorgangs wieder verfügbar. Der Grund hierfür...
  9. sumsum

    Windows Server Network Adapter crash?

    Wie sieht das Ereignis Protokoll der Windows Vm zum Zeitpunkt des Crash aus ?
  10. sumsum

    Proxmox VE is 10 years old!

    Happy Birthday ! All the best for another decade. By the way, where‘s the Cake? Post a picture of the cake for evidence
  11. sumsum

    Some windows server 2003 are shutting down automatically in Proxmox VE 5.1

    Do they realy Shut down or just disconnect the Network ?
  12. sumsum

    Blue screen with 5.1

    for my part, the Windows10 VM is running on Default (kvm64)
  13. sumsum

    Blue screen with 5.1

    Same situation here on a Lab Installation. A Mix of Debian, Centos VM's and one Windows 10 VM. while the Linux VM's run stable, the Win 10 VM get regular CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION Blue Screen Error (0x00000109) after a few hours in operation. Before running PVE 4 and upgraded to PVE 5. the...
  14. sumsum

    Proxmox v 5.0 on HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10

    We run several HPE ProLiant DL360 G9 with RAID Controller P440ar/2 GB FBWC on Proxmox 5. No issues so far.
  15. sumsum

    Excellent Results: 7 machines upgraded to 5.0

    I can confirm your experience. In the past, using a .0 Release in Production was always a no go for me. And a lot of sysadmins I know Share this philosophy. For some reason we Upgraded our Test Server Farm to 5.0 and we were surprised how mature this Release is. In the meantime we are in the...
  16. sumsum

    Really slow sequential write with 8 x 10kRPM SAS disks on HW raid

    Considering, that you are in testing Phase. What Speed so you get if you enable Drive Write Cache?
  17. sumsum

    Really slow sequential write with 8 x 10kRPM SAS disks on HW raid

    Enable Drive Write Cache and you will get better performance.
  18. sumsum

    HP DL360 G8 + HPE Smart Array P420i Controller

    The Driver for the HPE -Smart Array P420i Controller is in the Kernel since a long time. so, yes its supported.
  19. sumsum

    Docker support in Proxmox

    I unterstand the Hype for Docker, from a DevOps Point of view. We only use Docker instead of LXC for one single reason Portability. I just like to quote Chenxi Wang from Twistlock, which reflect our experiences with LXC and nails it down : "Portability. This is perhaps the single most...
  20. sumsum

    RDS/Terminal Server random freeze, console not responding

    Have you ever did some NFS Performance Tests ? How does your NFS configuration Looks like? We've had similar Problems on Proxmox verions prior version 3. some of Our Engineers nailed the issues down by tweaking the tcp Stack and NFS configuration. Your issues may be NFS related and not Hardware.


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