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  1. Noisy mail.log

    Hey looking at the mail logs ( as I was debugging for a problem ) I see that there are lot of entries for starting database maintenance and database maintenance This seems to happen every 2 minutes is this by design ? thanks
  2. Create VM templates

    Do your Linux ones work
  3. Create VM templates

    have you got a link to the modules gardens doc about this
  4. Add new ip set to proxmox and use in VM

    It depends assuming this new network range comes in in the same physical nic as your other range and that physical mic is connected to a bridge like vmb0 then the vnic on your VM will work as long as inside your VW you configure the network interface t use it. If it also has a vlan and make...
  5. Template Issue

    What type of image centos debian etc as some of the cloud images the cloud init is too old like centos for example So u have to do a few other things to get them to work
  6. How do you monitor your Proxmox nodes?

    I use Pandorafms has agents or u can do SNMP etc
  7. HA does not work

    Yes that would be a good option to have do live migration before reboot. We do that manually normally as we don't want any outage on the guest.
  8. HA does not work

    In 5.4 you can change the default action for reboot shutdown. You set this in datacenter options. By default reboot does not migrate and shutdown only migrates if the node takes longer than a minute to come back. You can change the default to fail over then it always will do that. Also make...

    I simply have a template of the OS then clone it via the API. Then configure via API eg network disk size memory etc. all set cloud-int via API and start it It all works great
  10. Install latest cloudInit version on Debian Stretch?

    Oh I remember now I had a problem with the networking I did a few things and fixed it In /etc/network/interfaces I removed Eth0 eth1 eth3 etc So then it only looks like this # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more...
  11. At a loss added ssh key via API maybe some bug ?

    Remove the second one that encodes the $data as I assume what u post to the APi maybe is also encoding it. Eg just try the one that encodes the key. And confirm. Everything use curl as a test then make u code do the same as curl is doing
  12. At a loss added ssh key via API maybe some bug ?

    you need to encode the key I guess in Python data["sshkeys"] =urllib.parse.urlencode(sshKey) then you encode data when you send to the API hence the key is double encoded
  13. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    Interesting I did an update to the nodes from the pve-no-subscription and now it works as expected with the patch
  14. How to Apply Promox Patch?

    After u patch u need to systemctl restart pvedaemon
  15. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    yes systemctl restart pvedaemon
  16. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    No not krbd remote ceph using MIMIC let me try and run some debug code and see if I can see what is happening I m away tomorrow though and it late here As I said the initial problem was fix with the patch as that error happened just with a normal start
  17. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    Interesting I have external Ceph and both the Cloud-INIT and the VM drive on on ceph I did some more tests and still the same issue the VM is an Ubuntu one but it happens for all It Only happens if you do the HA start . Live or Shutdown migration works fine So if you create a VM then add...
  18. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    I spoke too soon It works if the HA is not turned on If you add a VM to the HA then shutdown the VM and then issue start the error comes back It's almost like this code exists somewhere else if the VM is in HA mode. If you remove the VM from the HA and then restart it its ok ANY ideas ?


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