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  1. UdoB

    Extra node votes in cluster (homelab)

    You can add a "QDevice": to reduce the problem level of such a situation. @fabian : any reasoning against this? You did not mention it... Best regards
  2. UdoB

    Split ZFS mirror rpool into 2 single disks

    Just to be picky: yes, there is detection! But there is also no chance for correction. (For a chance to repair something you need redundancy.) But if you're fine with this LVM is really okay :)
  3. UdoB

    Split ZFS mirror rpool into 2 single disks

    Well..., I do use ZFS especially because of the reliability. Maybe there are other definitions like your "long life", but for me reliability is the promise that I will get the same data from the storage system in the future which I had written to it in the past. Without a checksumming...
  4. UdoB

    Problems installing Ubuntu 20.04 Server

    This is another surprising combination. You need to talk to your host admin. It just does not look straight forward to me. Sorry...
  5. UdoB

    Problems installing Ubuntu 20.04 Server

    Interesting :) Please post the output of ip address show and ip route show of the working debian VM - I am curious. And please add qm config <vmid> for both VM to compare the network. Ubuntu does not like it because without any additional tricks it can not work...
  6. UdoB

    Problems installing Ubuntu 20.04 Server

    Your "gateway4" is not inside the "/24". How could it get reached???
  7. UdoB

    Break ZFS temporarily, safely

    Personally I would avoid to remove the only existing parity bit from that RaidZ Pool. To circumvent the lack of a free port I would use an USB Adapter. (And I say this although I have very bad experiences with USB drives which I use for a second-level PBS.) For my VMs the new destination...
  8. UdoB

    ZFS over iSCSI backend recommendations?

    Hello, while I am NOT using Zfs-over-iScsi I just gave it a try - just because I'm curious :) That's why I took an existing PVE (Test-) node as a target. This way I will get the same stability as for the initiator - directly from Proxmox! You didn't disclose which documentation you...
  9. UdoB

    Launching backup in Proxmox VE 6.4-13 increases server load and makes containers to stutter

    Hello, I have a data point for comparison for you: Node: "Empty" Dell Server with EPYC 7443 Dual CPU 24C48T; NVMe; ZFS PBS = a remote VM via 10 GBit/s Copper Container: fresh installed debian Bullseye, 48 GB Disk uncompressable dummy-file: dd if=/dev/urandom of=/opt/42g.dat bs=1M...
  10. UdoB

    Configure fence device /etc/pve/ha/fence.cfg ?

    I've not looked into that file, but for a two node cluster you may want to read Best regards
  11. UdoB

    Upgrade free version to Enterprise version

    Make sure to know the correct number of CPUs per machine - I just fell into that pitfall. Some questions are answered in their faq at Best regards
  12. UdoB

    HP ProLiant N54L in Verbindung mit Proxmox und RAID bzw. ZFS

    Guten Morgen, ich rate dazu, die real zu verwendende Hardware den persönlichen Anforderungen anzupassen. Das ist wirklich nicht einfach, das Spektrum der nutzbaren Hardware geht ja von Raspberry Pi bis Profi-Server für fünfstellige Beträge. Also: technisch wird die Hardware funktionieren...
  13. UdoB

    HP ProLiant N54L in Verbindung mit Proxmox und RAID bzw. ZFS

    Okay, ich lehne mich mal etwas aus dem Fenster: 1. Klar doch, technisch funktioniert das mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit. Aber nicht alles, was machbar ist, ist auch sinnvoll. 2. Mit einem RaidZ1 darf eine Platte ausfallen, ohne das direkt ein Datenverlust auftritt. Aber auf diesem kleinen System...
  14. UdoB

    OOM Problem? WIN10 VM updated and won't restart

    Short reply: try to give it more Ram. Good luck
  15. UdoB

    Server down

    Ja. man zpool-import sollte funktionieren. Zu LVM kann ich nichts sagen, das verwende ich aktuell nicht. Aber das ist "abgehangen" und es gibt sicher etliche Anleitungen zu improvisierten Zugriff auf die Daten. Eine Stolperfalle, aus meinem verstaubten Gedächtnis, also eventuell überholt...
  16. UdoB

    [SOLVED] Node/VM with external USB Disk

    Strange. You said you did # mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc successfully. Was it on a different computer? An on that one it worked fine? If not: try using that device on a different computer. Does it work? Did you reboot the problematic computer in the near past? Maybe it helps. I have seen...
  17. UdoB

    Server down

    Um "irgendwelche" Dateien zu retten / zu kopieren bietet sich das original PVE- .iso an: das kennt einen Debug-Modus - und der bietet in der "Notfall-Shell" (natürlich) die passenden ZFS-Tools an. Hab's getestet :-)
  18. UdoB

    [SOLVED] Node/VM with external USB Disk

    You did format that disk as if it was a floppy disk. This might/will work but it is really unusual. Du did not create a partition table. So fdisk can not evaluate/show/edit it... Also... "fdisk" is very, very old. Try cfdisk instead. Whatever you do with these tools you will destroy the...
  19. UdoB

    proxmox instalationkalpt nicht

    Moin, nimm einen anderen PC in demselben Netzwerk. Auf einem Linux kann ich das Default Gateway zum Beispiel so ermitteln: ~$ ip route show | grep default default via dev ens18 proto static Auf einem Windows gibst du (nur) ipconfig auf einer Shell ein. Hilft das? Edit...
  20. UdoB

    HP Agentless Management Service

    Great! Thank you - it works now for my Micro/Gen10 - everything's green. (Though hpasmcli -s "show fan" is not available.) The multiple references to "hp-health" in several other posts led me into confusion... Best regards


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