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  1. [SOLVED] PVE 6.4 Kernel 5.11 Icinga diskstats Problem

    Hallo, nachdem ich auf Kernel 5.11 aktualisiert habe mag icinga keine diskstats via procfs mehr auslesen: perl -MData::Printer -MSys::Statistics::Linux::DiskStats -E'my $lxs = Sys::Statistics::Linux::DiskStats->new; $lxs->init; p $lxs->get;' Sys::Statistics::Linux::DiskStats: no diskstats...
  2. QEMU 2.5 - Setting L2 cache size drive option

    Hi MikeQ, thanks a lot for sharing this workaround!
  3. [SOLVED] NMIs on VE 5.1-42 and 4.15.18-4-pve

    I was able to fix the problem. - changed clocksource for VMs (clocksource=acpi_pm, was kvm_clock previously) - on the virtualization host /etc/sysctl.conf # 0 avoids swapping processes out of physical memory for as long as possible. vm.swappiness = 0 # lessen the IO blocking effect that...
  4. [SOLVED] NMIs on VE 5.1-42 and 4.15.18-4-pve

    Hallo nochmal, ich habe das Problem inzwischen lösen können. Die letzten beiden Änderungen, die vielleicht den Ausschlag gegeben haben könnte waren: - Dateisystemüberwachung auf dem Virtualisierungsserver erhöht (fs.inotify.max_user_instances=256) - Zeitgeber auf den VMs geändert...
  5. Advanced disk paramters

    Lucio, i added your request for a qcow2 cluster size parameter to the ticket What application is your picture taken from?
  6. KVM guests freeze (hung tasks) during backup/restore/migrate

    I filed a feature request for qcow2 l2-cache-size parameter here:
  7. QEMU 2.5 - Setting L2 cache size drive option

    Thanks! I filed a feature request for qcow2 l2-cache-size parameter here:
  8. Advanced disk paramters

    I filed a feature request for qcow2 l2-cache-size parameter here:
  9. KVM guests freeze (hung tasks) during backup/restore/migrate

    There is a qemu parameter to set the size of qcow2 L2 cache properly (default is 8 GB disk size max) which has a dramatic impact on performance, but it is currently unusable with Proxmox PVE...
  10. QEMU 2.5 - Setting L2 cache size drive option

    Is there any workaround? E.g. can i create the qcow2 image manually, so i don't need to add the parameter later? And is there any plan to integrate this parameter as a Proxmox PVE feature in future?
  11. freeze during and after blackup

    Looks like you're currently running deadline (the one in the brackets is active). Yes, give it a try.
  12. freeze during and after blackup

    I just read that ionice generally does not work on NFS: Maybe you can use another location instead? As far as i know all other availble io schedulers do not honour ionice parameters, so you would have to use CFQ...
  13. Proxmox Host and Clients Randomly Freeze. Have to restart the system

    Were you able to fix the problem? Did changing /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches help?
  14. freeze during and after blackup

    I'm not an expert but i have similar problems (not involving NFS though). What you could try as a workaround is a) install the CFQ i/o scheduler on the host and then b) use vzdump in combination with ionice parameter in the shell. See man vzdump.
  15. Meltdown and Spectre Linux Kernel fixes

    I installed latest BIOS and intel-microcode package. Can i still use "noibrs noibpb" kernel parameters to disable these functions? Or do i have to downgrade BIOS again?
  16. Problems running Docker in VM (segfaults/gpf's)

    Were you able to solve the problem? I also see 'cpu soft lockup' in a KVM VM which contains a docker instance. Maybe a similar problem?
  17. "Best Case"-Vorschlag zu bestehender Hardware.

    Ich habe noch keine Erfahrung mit ZFS. Aber es sieht nach drei Optionen aus: 1) normalen SATA3-Controller nachrüsten (~50 Euro) 2) SATA-RAID-Controller nachrüsten (muss eine Batterie haben um 'write back' nutzen zu können, 200-400 Euro, je nach Geschmack) 3) ZFS mit neuem Board, RAM (und ggf...
  18. "Best Case"-Vorschlag zu bestehender Hardware.

    Bevor Du etwas an der Hardware änderst - wie ist Deine Paketgröße (MTU) eingestellt? siehe auch
  19. [SOLVED] einer VM 'den Netzwerkstecker ziehen'

    Super - vielen Dank! Das habe ich bisher übersehen! Noch cooler wäre ein monitor-Kommando, dann könnte man es auch scripten...


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