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  1. System update error

    There is one think which is wondering me, the screenshot shows me an single node configuration, so why are you starting cluster service? Was you intending to build up cluster? Bigger spce does not solve your problem, it will just give you more time until it will went full.. I guess some...
  2. System update error

    I would suggest, you check all logfiles for issues. Hopefully you didn‘t have deleted any neccessary resources or folders in your var dir.
  3. System update error

    Did you have finished the broken Upgrade already? If not, try it with apt --fix-broken install
  4. Issue after upgrade to 7.2.3

    I have run the Upgrade now form pve-nosubscribtion containig the pve-kernel-5.15.35-1-pve: 5.15.35-2 package and I don't have any issue with my QNAP (TS-253D Ver. mount with NFS left with Default. However I run in the Upgrade process into apt issue with libproxmox-rs-perl (0.1.0)...
  5. [SOLVED] HDD wird im Task Manager nicht mehr angezeigt

    Ist bei VM immer so, auch in MS HyperV VMs zeigt Windows keine HDD Auslastung an, da sie ungenau wäre.
  6. proxmox mail gateway for smtp pop bruteforce attack

    I guess , this won‘t help you much as the PGM act more like sender/receiver between your real mailserver and the world. For Pop or smtp services for your users accessing it from the Internet you will still have to keep your mail server exposed to the internet like now or think about something...
  7. Crash/System bleibt stehen

    Das muss nicht heißen, dass die SSD zwingend hin ist. Wenn der Controller sich aufhängt, ist es eh kein SMART relevanter Eintrag. In manchen Fällen hilft eine Firmwareaktualisierung. Bei mir war es ehe die Abwärme. Mit besseren Durchlüftung ist es nicht mehr vorgekommen.
  8. Crash/System bleibt stehen

    Ich hege den Verdacht, dass bei dir die Systemplatte den Geist aufgibt, deswegen der Totalsufall.. hatte ähnliche Symptome, wo sich meine SSD überhitzt und einfach abgeschaltet hat.
  9. Windows Server 2022 Deutsch Netzwerk startet nicht

    Das Problem meiner Meinung nach liegt in dem ISO Abbild wie es von MS bereitgestellt wurde. Die deutsche Preview Version ist auch noch einwandfrei gelaufen. Da DE inzwischen eh nur LangPack ist, macht es keinen Sinn sich da jetzt auf Fehlersuche ohne MS Support zu begeben. Installiert einfach EN...
  10. Opt-in Linux Kernel 5.15 for Proxmox VE 7.x available

    This is less related to this kernel but more to AMD. In fact 5.15 works even better on AMD then 5.13 with nested Virtualization. There seems to be some bug in cetrain operations in Windows 11 as well as in Windows Server 2022 running HyperV, hovewer running Windows Server 2022 as Core...
  11. Windows 11 hangs with 100% CPU usage

    Windows 11 uses enhanced Hardware Security. One of them is the "Core Isolation" which is virtualisation-based security. So it must not be the HyperV only causing this issue on AMD CPU, but maybe this too. Changing the CPU Arch to KVM removs the virtualisation capability of the CPU from the...
  12. Windows 11 hangs with 100% CPU usage

    The black screen is becouse of your power management setting. If you disable to switch off the display you will see, that the os freezes and does not react to any input. There seems to be some constrain in the UI version running HyperV nested in Proxmox on AMD CPU.. The Server 2022 Core...
  13. Windows 11 hangs with 100% CPU usage

    Hey, thats exactly the same issue I have running Windows 2022 with HyperV feature enabled. This simply does not work on AMD, it freezes soon or later. However I was able to run HyperV on Core Installation (without Desktop Experience) which is unfortunatelly no sollution for your Windows 11. Did...
  14. Transferrate bei ~4MB/s Proxmox 7.1-9 auf Hetzner root Server mit Gigabit Anbindung

    Na ja, falls ich es richtig verstehe, das was du monierst, ist die Performance im Internet Routing selbst. Wenn dein Provider nur schwachen Peering-Partner hat, der überlastet ist, kann es durchaus vornommen, dass du so langsam ankommst. Du solltest vorerst die Geschwindigkeit innerhalb von...
  15. Proxmox allgemein - Grundsatzfragen

    Ich glaube das beste (und einzig legale) für Dich wäre, einfach ein zweiten Rechner ins Büro zu stellen. Microsoft erlaubt nicht legal einen „entfernten“ Zugriff auf ein virtualisierten Windows Client. Diese Zugriffslizenz (neben der OS Lizenz selbst) ist meines Wissens nur Vertragskunden...
  16. [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 with HyperV is freezing

    I have to report back, as I have found a solution for my problem. As I was testing to run the Server 2019 I decided to take HyperV 2019 instead, and this was working without any freeze. Since it is based on Server Core installation, I decided to make another try with Server 2022, but this...
  17. [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 with HyperV is freezing

    Thanks for your Support. I'll try with Server 2019, maybe I will have more Luck. I know, especially Desktop HW is not really suitable for such purpose, but I like it with its low consumption having home cluster up and running gives me a lot possibilities to try things out :) (okay exc3pt...
  18. [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 with HyperV is freezing

    As I wrote, I was trying UEFI first, there is no difference. In fact in UEFI it was mostly freezing just after 20 min while I was using it. And I‘m also running latest BIOS. As I wrote Windows 2012 R2 runs wirh HyperV without any issue it affects only 2022, thus my question regarding Debugging...
  19. [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 with HyperV is freezing

    As shown in the first post, it is AMD Ryzen 4800U in Asrock Industrial 4x4
  20. [SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 with HyperV is freezing

    Actually I can‘t. That is the screen when it becomes unresponsible. There could be some process taking full CPU but, I can‘t see it as there is no refresh. There is no entry in Windows istelf. It just freezes. The syste is also unavaiable on network. The system itself is empty, just standard...


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