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  1. [SOLVED] Proxmox Server Hangs Randomly

    managed to fix it by sorting out modules files and some errors on Bluetooth card not loading around boot.
  2. [SOLVED] Proxmox Server Hangs Randomly

    Hello my proxmox deployment hangs randomly. Its running @home on Intel nuc8i5bek i5-8259U 24GBRAM 250GB-SSD ( Proxmox OS) 1TB HDD ( VM storage) dmesg is attached I have also tried to enable Kdump...but not sure what to see. Any help would be great :) Thank you root@pve1:/var/crash# cat...
  3. HomeLab Suggestions!!

    I wish but I feel my environment is not that busy to have a cluster hence my act to fully utilise my existing hardware
  4. HomeLab Suggestions!!

    Idea: I currently have two machines at home with config below: Machine 1: Case: Lenovo ThinkstationC30 CPU:2 x E5-2640V2 Motherboard: Lenovo Proprietary Memory: 64GB ECC Ram Storage: 120GB MSata Drive for Proxmox OS 1TB 7200rpm Sratch Drive 2x 3.5 Seagate NAS IronWolf 2 TB ( Slow VM...
  5. [SOLVED] Proxmox Setup Suggestions

    on 3700x or Lenovo C30 ? those SQL Vms are all about quick reponse for me, i will add data redundancy little later as i develop but its in cards. Also according to you which one you would get if you had to get a new server today with decent part support and performance
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox Setup Suggestions

    Thanks for the extensive reply mate. I have a Lenovo Thinkstatoin C30 for my current network needs i run poxmox on it. I am in need of another server for 2 SQL instances with medium load. there is another Lenovo Think station available. will below config work with Intel DC SSD according to you...
  7. [SOLVED] Proxmox Setup Suggestions

    Also 3200 should be fine or should i consider 3600 ? i will check and report back for SSD and Motherboard soon B500 is fine or shall i go for x570?
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox Setup Suggestions

    Hello I am planning to get a new Proxmox server Setup my budget is around £600-700 I have 3/4 Vms with active work load( SQL,Firewall,Load balancer) Below is the config i have chosen happy to get some input and can consider Intel too :) Thank you
  9. [SOLVED] VLAN Setup for pass Vlans to AP

    So I did a Native Vlan ID tag on under wireless Section in Sophos XG as AP is from Sophos too so that worked. Then created Vlans on Sophos Xg made my vmbr0 "Vlan Aware" and it worked :) Happy to help anyone if needed.
  10. Problem using the Network in Proxmox

    Hi Can you please close the thread if your issues are resolved?
  11. Problem using the Network in Proxmox

    what kind of help you are after ? Can you access proxmox Node via IP ? Can you share output of your Networks TAB ?
  12. [SOLVED] VLAN Setup for pass Vlans to AP

    Hello my fellow Proxmox Users/Guru's Just wanted to take advice for the potential changes I am planning on to make in my Home LAB. I have 4 Port NIC + 1 onboard on my Proxmox Node, so far it has been working fine. I run Sophos XG and Sophos AP55. I want to move few wireless and wired devices...
  13. Home Lab Storage Suggestions!!

    which model on SSDs and HDDs would you recommend ? I am little new to Storage domain :(
  14. Home Lab Storage Suggestions!!

    Thank you. considering that I am planning to run Syslog and other active writing on a non mission critical disk, Most of my VM are cybersecurity/Network security related which I can take backup of configuration and restore which I can restore in the event of a failure. Fast storage will be...
  15. Home Lab Storage Suggestions!!

    Hello Everyone, I need some suggestion for the home lab storage. I have a Synology DS718+ ( 2x2TB RAID) with Lenovo C30 running Proxmox. Lenovo C30 Specs 2xE5-2640V2 32GB ECC Ram( ram upgrade planned). MSata Drive for Proxmox OS I have a 1TB 7200rpm and WD 320Gb 10k SATA Drive. Quad port NIC...
  16. [SOLVED] NIC stopped working while GPU Passthrough

    Adding a Cheap £5 Radeon HD6450 fixed it for me and i moved my K4000 to slot 2 So Please close this thread
  17. [SOLVED] NIC stopped working while GPU Passthrough

    No worries :) , Yes i have installed Nvidia GPU drivers. Thank you for helping so far. i will await further suggestions from others
  18. [SOLVED] NIC stopped working while GPU Passthrough

    ROM info root@pve:~/rom-parser# ./rom-parser /usr/share/kvm/NVIDIA.QuadroK4000.3072.120813.rom Valid ROM signature found @600h, PCIR offset 190h PCIR: type 0 (x86 PC-AT), vendor: 10de, device: 11fa, class: 030000 PCIR: revision 0, vendor revision: 1 Valid ROM signature found...


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