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  1. Proxmox v7.1-8 problems

    Hi Here are some of the problems i face after the last update. (v7.1-7 was working good!) "Dec 14 17:38:47 Server audit[1645]: AVC apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_load" profile="/usr/bin/lxc-start" name="lxc-100_</var/lib/lxc>" pid=1645 comm="apparmor_parser" Dec 14 17:38:47 Server...
  2. Proxmox 7.1 + OPENVPN Info

    Hi guys I just checked this but i find it very incomplete. -No start / stop commands info -No auto-start on boot info -No "how to access openvpn webgui" info Basically this tutorial is useless for me. Anyone can help or provide me a complete...
  3. Windows 10 VM Best Configuration?

    Hi guys I'm creating this thread to ask you all what are the best configuration i can use to create a Windows 10 VM. I've tested several different configurations, but i want to know what are your opinions. My Proxmox 7 Machine Hardware Cpu: Intel i9900k Board: Asus Prime z390-A Ram: 128GB SSD...
  4. [SOLVED] LXC Container + OVH Failover IP

    Hi guys I just installed a LXC Container (with Debian 11) and added the generated ovh virtual mac (as always). I've the NAT well configured (lxc container static ip and external ip) but the LXC Container is not reaching the network. What can be the problem? (Using proxmox since always and i...
  5. Debian 11 VM with no Network

    Hi guys Anyone can tell me how to configure the Debian 11 VM with ip failover so i can have network on it? Thanks #Proxmox 7 #Debian 11 VM (using OVH ip failover + virtual mac address)
  6. Centos 7 VM Network not working

    Proxmox 7 Centos 7 VM OVH Dedicated server Hi guys I just installed a Centos 7 vm, added a static ip and deactivated centos firewall. I still cant ping the public network (ping / ping Anyone can tell me what could be the problem? Regards
  7. Centos 8 CSF Firewall VM problems

    Hi I installed centos web panel in a vm and in a container with centos 7 and centos 8 (Proxmox 7). (i've tested both systems) The thing is, when i enable csf firewall in centos web panel i completely loose access to the panel (even with my ip added to the whitelist rules). I contacted Centos...
  8. [SOLVED] Centos 8 Stream VM Network problem

    Hi guys I installed an Centos 8 stream VM, everything is ok. The only problem i face is the network connection. I cant manage to have internet in this VM. I'm using a failover ip (ovh) and i added the Virtual mac address like i see in some tutorials, but network is still not working. Anyone...
  9. Proxmox 7 - LXC SSH Root login not working

    Hello I installed Proxmox 7 and created a LXC container with Debian 10.7. I edited the sshd_config so i can connect with root user and restarted ssh service. SSH is working and i can connect as root. If i restart the container i can not connect with root user anymore. I need to use "service ssh...
  10. OVH Proxmox containers / vm with IPV6

    Hi guys Anyone using Proxmox containers / vm's with ipv6 network configured / working? I want to configure it in my machine, maybe somebody can help. I'll be very grateful. thanks
  11. [SOLVED] Cant access proxmox webgui

    Hi guys I just updated proxmox 6.3 to 6.4 and restarted my machine. The machine restarted successfully, all the vm / lxc are running ok with no problems. The only problem is that now i cant access the proxmox webgui. Anyone faced the same problem or can help me solving this? Thanks for your...
  12. [OVH] Proxmox with FreeBSD VM Network Configuration

    Hi guys Anyone using FreeBSD 12 VM with OVH dedicated server and failover ip? Can you explain to me how to get the network to work? Thanks for your time. Regards
  13. Add Upload / Download Speed Option

    Hi Can you guys add an option to choose the Upload and Download speed in created containers / vps? I know there is already an option to edit the "Rate limit (MB/s)" but we cant individually edit the download and upload speed. In my opinion it is a useful feature ;) regards
  14. Is this a problem?

    Hi guys Just to know, is this a problem? " Jan 24 04:32:11 lps90 audit[23921]: AVC apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" info="failed flags match" error=-13 profile="lxc-100_</var/lib/lxc>" name="/tmp/" pid=23921 comm="(kill)" flags="rw, remount, bind" Jan 24 04:32:11 lps90 kernel: audit...
  15. [SOLVED] ksmtuned = dead / systemd-timesyncd = dead

    " Failed to start ksmtuned.service: Unit ksmtuned.service not found. TASK ERROR: command 'systemctl start ksmtuned' failed: exit code 5 " "systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Network Time Synchronization being skipped." ksmtuned = dead systemd-timesyncd = dead Any solutions?
  16. Proxmox v6.3-3 Problem

    Hi guys My server machine was having problems and crashing (proxmox v6.3-3) and the only problem in the logs it was "unexpected cpu time". So I decided to format it to see if the problem was solved (formated again with proxmox v6.3-3). But the same problem is still happening... "lxcfs[807]...
  17. [SOLVED] C-STATES not working

    Hi I just installed the latest proxmox version in a i9 9900k server, and i am seeing the cpu is always at 5.0Ghz in all cores. I dont want the frequency stuck at 5.0Ghz, i want c-states working. How can i solve this problem? C-States enabled in bios and no overclock! (Asus rog strix z390...
  18. [SOLVED] Lxc container slow database write speed

    Hi I have created a Lxc container with centos 7 and installed centos web panel. I have no problems when uploading or downloading files. My problems are when writing something to the database of this container. Example: When installing WHMCS it takes like 30minutes to install/write everything...
  19. Proxmox start / restart command?

    Hi guys I'm sorry for the stupid question, but i have searched a lot and i cant find.. What is the command to start / restart proxmox? Thanks Regards
  20. OVH Proxmox 6 no web gui access

    Hi I just bought 3 OVH Dedicated servers and installed Proxmox 6. Everything works with no problems at 1st boot. If i restart the dedicated server, Proxmox Web Gui stops working (not accessible). (ssh connection is available, but Proxmox Web Gui not...) Seems to be a OVH (soyoustart) general...


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