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  1. Mac operating system screen resolution query

    Hi All, I have a query with respect to Mac operating system resolution. Actually, I need multiple resolution from Mac operating system and don't find any options to do that. We use OVMF bios with VMware display. I don't find any related spice driver options for Mac like Windows spice. How...
  2. Mac VM running on proxmox goes to recovery/interactive shell on everyboot

    Hi All, Mac VM running on proxmox goes to recovery/interactive shell on every boot. I followed these articles from boot maintenance manager but no luck. Note:- Each and every time,manual intervention is needed(while bootiing).Our aim is to boot the VM automatically without any...
  3. Rados df command

    Hi All, What does the `clones`,wr ops,rd ops field in `rados df` denote?
  4. VM cloning is slow

    Hi Team, We have a slow response while taking the Windows clone. Let me explain our setup. 7 Proxmox nodes ceph storage cluster Each node has 5 * 2 TB Crucial 500 SSD drives. 2 * 40 GB NIC goes to public network/cluster network. 2 * 10 G NIC goes to VM network/migration network. 2 * 1 G NIC...
  5. Communication error on all the proxmox nodes.

    Hi team, I have a 11 nodes setup.When I browse the SSD pool-->summary or VM disks,Im getting the communication error. becuase of this,I could not create any virtual machines from GUI.I see the same error on all the nodes. Please advise how to fix?
  6. Ceph performance monitoring/tuning

    When i create a new VM or bulk VMs request,I used to monitor here. I see write latency is high. rbd perf image iostat rbd perf image iotop What is the accepted write latency, read latency, WR, RD? What is the commit and approved latncy on "ceph osd perf" ?
  7. Proxmox VM creation through API | Timeout

    Hi All, We are trying to create bulk VMs through API. When we choose the VM count as 20 or 40(on API), we are seeing only 14 VMs are getting created, the rest VMs triggers the below error. Please advise on how to solve this? create full clone of drive ide0 (Template-pool:base-2079-disk-0)...
  8. Windows resolution issue

    Hi All, I'm running more than 100 vms with OVMF bios. The problem is related to resolution and cannot change from guest operating system. Its 800*600 and the same is not editable. I tried out the below option from one windows vm and it's works fine. I mean I changed to seabios and also...
  9. Proxmox concurrent vms limit through API

    Hi All, I have a question about API. How many virtual machines can be created concurrently through proxmox API? If I want to provision 100,200,300 and also 500 vms in the same time, then I hope there should not be any issues. I saw related forums however I like to reconfirm once...
  10. Proxmox Virtual Environment 6.3-2 VM issues

    Hi All, I noticed that,some of the VMs(more than 5 VMs in the same HV) were not working(shutdown option from GUI). I started troubleshooting with the below syslogs and stopped via command line. We like to know the cause why it is happening like that? tail -50 /var/log/syslog ar 24 15:06:40...
  11. Proxmox VM clone delay

    Hi Team, We see that there is a delay while creating a clone. It takes more than 8 minutes to take out 100 GB VM cloning. VM network & Migration network ---> 2 * 10 G NICs. Ceph Public network and replication network -->2 * 40 G NICs Where we can see the clone related logs in ceph to start...


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