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  1. network mirror

    I have not used it, but I believe you need port mirroring This might help you get started
  2. network mirror

    So do you mean you want to mirror all the network traffic to/from one vm to another vm? What is your use case?
  3. [SOLVED] Proxmox in new network not networking

    Screenshot 1 shows your nic is disconnected - all links are showing DOWN status From screenshot 2, it appears the name of the nic has changed on the new system - it was 'eno1', now it is called 'enp6s0' so would need to edit the config. So it should look like this auto lo iface lo inet...
  4. [SOLVED] Proxmox in new network not networking

    please post the output of ip a from the proxmox host console and your /etc/network/interfaces file (censor any public IP addresses)
  5. Seeking advice: New storage upgrade configuration (host zpool vs. guest NAS via passthrough)

    Quite valid. Of course there are arguments for (simplicity, efficiency) and against (modification of the host environment, complex cli-based administration) but I've never seen any of the proxmox staff advise against running a system this way. I've had my systems setup both ways in the past...
  6. Unsupported SFP+ module

    The Intel branded ones should work as the hardware vendor of the NIC is Intel X520. An email to support will confirm. Not sure where you are based but ship from Germany so you may have to pay import taxes if you're not in the eurozone. You can mix manufacturers - eg. HP to CISCO or...
  7. Seeking advice: New storage upgrade configuration (host zpool vs. guest NAS via passthrough)

    Nonsense, it may not suit everyone or all circumstances, but it's an approach as valid as any other. Have you heard of hyperconvergent platforms?
  8. Network/Bridge Help.

    Before anything else, you don't get '20Gbit/sec' between pc and server so don't be disappointed in your transfer speeds. However, if you have one server and two pc's then you could see each pc running at 10Gbit simultaneously giving a combined throughput of 20Gbit with a bonded interface. If...
  9. Loss of remote internet access

    Accessibility via TeamViewer only proves the VM is still running "when restarting the router proxmox also performed a restart of the nodes" so it this a cluster setup? why would restarting the router reset the nodes? Are your IP's statically assigned or is DHCP involved?
  10. Traffic from one LXC container leaks to other containers

    Your network setup seemed sensible, and just out of curiosity I generated traffic to one container while running wireshark in the other and saw no sign of any leakage. I was going to suggest that you consider multiple bridges in a routed config but it seems that's not necessary
  11. Traffic from one LXC container leaks to other containers

    could you post your /etc/network/interfaces and your config file for lxc1 and lxc2 (/etc/pve/lxc/xxx.conf)
  12. Add multiple IPs of the same network to a LXC

    the PowerDNS documentation suggests you can bind the service to a dedicated IP so it should be possible.
  13. [SOLVED] Network-Abuse mac adreess Proxmox

    or ask your hoster to allow 1 additional mac-address for vmbr0 - might be the easiest way
  14. [SOLVED] Network-Abuse mac adreess Proxmox

    I think you need to put your public IP on directly on eno3 and update your ip-tables nat config to use eno3 instead of vmbr0
  15. vm use /22 netmask can not ping other

    1. can your proxmox 6.2 server ( ping other IP like 2. can you post your etc/network/interfaces file?
  16. Ubuntu VM' is does not have network access

    so what does a traceroute to from a) windows b) centos c) ubuntu look like?
  17. Ubuntu VM' is does not have network access

    But you're not enabling ip forwarding post-up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and you're not routing via a 'real' interface - e.g post-up iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s '' -o eno1 -j MASQUERADE
  18. structuring network - proxmox and pfsense

    If LAN1 is local to that node (i.e it has no physical connection) then DHCP broadcast is not going to reach other nodes. I don't if or how it might be done via ip-tables. Given that the VM's are local to the node, the easiest way might be to run a dhcp server on each node - you should not need...
  19. Ubuntu VM' is does not have network access

    you have your public IP and gateway on enp4s0 *but* you also have this IP assigned to vmbr0 (...ok....) but then vmbr0 is not linked to a physical NIC *and* then you seem to be routing via vmbr0 ????? as I said, your config is not making any sense to me.....
  20. Ubuntu VM' is does not have network access

    Could you explain your network setup? I'm having trouble trying to understand your config file...


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