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  1. Using both PV and VF in 802.3ad mode lagg with SR-IOV

    Hi there! I successfully enabled SR-IOV on one of my servers and was able to pass through one of the VF to a pfSense VM. Now I want to pass through one 1GB link and two 10G links to this VM. Since there will be other VMs on the host as well, I need to use the PF for a vmbr and I already learned...
  2. Firewall rules for NFS

    445 sounds like SMB to me. Are you sure you setup an NFS storage entry?
  3. Firewall - conntrack question

    I don't really know. Pve-firewall gets reloaded every few seconds, maybe you can setup a hook. There are a lot more competent guys around here than me, though. :)
  4. Nic's bond for CEPH

    Forget what I said back then. Ifenslave is already a part of ifupdown2.
  5. Remote sync push/pull

    Erstes ist auf jeden Fall möglich, beim zweiten bin ich grad leider überfragt, da ich derzeit nicht auf die GUI schauen kann. Ich meine aber, dass das in der Konsole gemacht werden müsste. Für CIFS über das Internet sollte aber zwingend ein VPN eingesetzt werden und wie sich die zwangsläufig...
  6. Remote sync push/pull

    Nein, derzeit geht das leider nur im Pull-Modus.
  7. Wie funktionieren Mount point - backed storage

    Na, wenn's im Internet steht, wird's wohl stimmen.
  8. how to know the IP address of a VM

    nslookup is your friend. Or you just look in the GUI after installing qemu-guest-agent in the VM.
  9. Wie funktionieren Mount point - backed storage

    Und diese steile Behauptung gründet worauf genau?
  10. Mail Notifications richtig einrichten

    Nö, ich hab das Samba AD DC Tutorial geschrieben, mit Mailservern kenn ich mich nicht aus. :D
  11. MAC filtering causing issues inside virtual machines (nesting)

    Since you virtualized Proxmox you probably also have to set the MAC address in the hypervisor.
  12. Wie funktionieren Mount point - backed storage

    Puh Junge, im Business sollte man aber schon wissen, wie bind mounts in Containern funktionieren ...
  13. MAC filtering causing issues inside virtual machines (nesting)

    NAT automatically does MAC translation, how else should that work? You probably have to spoof vmbr0's MAC address for the one that's registered with your provider.
  14. Repo-Inhaltsanzeige nur mit Originalgröße der Daten. Was in Planung?

    Ich verstehe den Sinn dahinter trotzdem nicht so ganz. Die Restore-Geschwindigkeit hängt noch an so viel mehr Faktoren, welche wertvolle Information erhoffst du dir von der Größe des Backups? Es dauert so lang, wie es dauert. Außerdem kannst du inzwischen live restoren, damit wird die...
  15. [SOLVED] PVE Node mit 2 NICs und OPNsense VM

    You don't need to define an address at all, if you want all of the host's traffic go through the OPNSense VM, only a bridge without any further settings. The address for OPNSense's WAN is then defined inside the VM. There you have to choose "static address", like you would do with any lan interface.
  16. Happen problem when add a node in cluster on PVE 7.0

    Can they ping on the Corosync address?
  17. HA Cluster, Fencing, STONITH and Tasmota

    You don't need an external stonith procedure. PVE works with a software watchdog and has a usual downtime in case of a node failure of 2 to 5 minutes. Additionally, if the node just doesn't react anymore, power consumption could be unchanged and you would never know that the node failed.
  18. How to exclude mount point from vzdump backup

    Ah, now I get the problem. Can you double click on that disk and uncheck the box „Backup“?


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