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  1. Remove node from cluster

    To be honest that's the way I was taught how to do it. By the way /boot was a typo I apologize.
  2. Remove node from cluster

    So I have done this few times and if you do it the way the link says to, then it works fine. However if you do not move the /etc/pve/nodes/node_name to somewhere else it will stay in the web gui list of nodes with a red x on it and not remove completely. At least that has been my experience. I...
  3. Remove node from cluster

    You should do a lot of the removal from the master node. The node you want to remove should be powered down after you run pvecm delnode Node_Name from the master pvecm nodes mv /etc/pve/nodes/node_name /boot I think you can run the remove node from the node itself also (but I could be wrong)...
  4. Gmail account w/PMG

    Hey Guys, I have gmail as my server for my e-mail for 2 domains and I am wanting to filter both for spam and i think PMG is best for that but i have no clue how to configure it and set it up. Does anyone have a good tutorial for setting PMG up with gmail? Thank you, Michael
  5. Proxmox VE Trainings

    There is nothing attached here to see, please reattach the file.
  6. 2 DataCenters in Proxmox

    Thank you for that info and yes i am aware I have rebuilt them probably 5 times this year alone from testing and breaking lol
  7. 2 DataCenters in Proxmox

    Well I am just testing to see what they can do as far as ARM images in Proxmox. Also I use the PIs mainly for kubernetes and docker swarm testing. The intels are nucs with 8 processors and 32 gb of ram. It's just a small environment. I unloaded all my expensive big servers. It has actually paid...
  8. 2 DataCenters in Proxmox

    Excellent idea dang that didn't even occur to me, Thanks I will do that. Michael
  9. 2 DataCenters in Proxmox

    Hey Everyone, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place. However I was wondering if it is possible to have or manage two datacenters in proxmox? The reason I ask is I have proxmox on a cluster of intel Servers and I also have proxmox on a cluster of Raspberry Pi 4's So I would like to...
  10. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    The reason it was doing this is because it wasn't set to the right technology. It has to be scsi then under options you have to move it to the top of the boot order. I can show how to do this once you know how to do it and what order it works like a champ. Let me know, Michael P.S. Again Sorry...
  11. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    Hello @crazy_otto Hey there did you ever get this working, if not i can help you for sure. Just let me know. We can do a Zoom session if you like. I hope you did. Earlier in this thread i put the instructions on how to Ubuntu Server ARM and Raspberry PI OS working but only if it is an iso not...
  12. [SOLVED] Backups Not working

    I did not notice that awesome, It's working my bad. Thank you very much.
  13. [SOLVED] Backups Not working

    He Guys, New to the backup product a I used to use just the built in backup for this however I am now seeing some strange stuff in here when I try and backup first off I check the config to make sure it's good: Notice the drive image scsi0 I select my backup: Then I check to make sure it...
  14. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    This might be a little late but you have to go to options and select the boot order make sure you put the cd / hard drive/net then after the install is complete. Goto hardware >> choose cd >> edit and select "Do use any media" at the bottom of the list. Then reboot it should work - please be...
  15. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    yes it is actually but that is the only ISO of Raspberry Pi there is the others are .img files.
  16. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    Here ya go otto it's still there just buried, Also if you go to the site just click the download button. If you need any help just let me know I will be happy to help you in anyway I can...
  17. Any hints or suggestions for running an ARM VM?

    Hello Otto, I actually have an Ubuntu VM Running on my Proxmox PI Cluster: Just an FYI you can run Raspberry PI OS Desktop on the Intel side of things as a VM ### Deploying a VM on ProxmoxPI4 ### 1 - Right Click Create VM 2 - Name your VM 3 - Select Start at Boot <next> 4 - Select your...
  18. Raspberry PI 4

    Okay well that actually makes sense.
  19. Raspberry PI 4

    Hey guys, Has anyone tried to run this on a raspberry pi 4? Will it run on a RPI4? Thanks, Michael
  20. NFS create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg'

    It depends on what you are trying to share so in my case I was sharing a folder from <- Check permissions on the NFS Server Share and then also check on the Proxmox in the location of the share mount which should be similar to /mnt/pve/folder_here for some reason...


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