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  1. limit the number and block origin

    Try customize incoming rate limit or use postfwd
  2. [TUTORIAL] Mail filter example

    Try this. What object regex from=^mindinsole.*<.*>.*$
  3. [TUTORIAL] Mail filter example

    @Drax, you can opt for below few mail filter option based on the spam mail header. Who object (refer to Return-Path:) - Email: - Domain: What object (subject) - subject=(?i)(\W|^)(hope|pain|hidden secrets)(\W|$)
  4. [TUTORIAL] Mail filter example

    Pls provide the spam mail raw format for checking.
  5. [TUTORIAL] Mail filter example

    Try something like this. Remember who object refer to Return-Path: header in the mail. Make sure the filter match it.
  6. DNSBL not working

    What is the spam mail IP?
  7. How did that one manage to get passed the SPAM filters?!

    And also setup mail filter to filter spam mail.
  8. How to set accepted emails to quarantine

    That is only the filter, choose block or quarantine action base on your requirement.
  9. How to set accepted emails to quarantine

    Check out tutorial on customize the mail filter.
  10. cleaning emails affected by spam score 10

    What do you mean by clean? If the email is blocked, it will not get delivered to your mail server or PMG.
  11. DNSBL Resolution Issues

    Maybe you can try as it contain all of it lists. Apr 16 07:42:48 pmg postfix/dnsblog[26701]: addr listed by domain as Apr 16 07:42:48 pmg postfix/dnsblog[26702]: addr listed by domain...
  12. DNSBL Resolution Issues

    Maybe replace the with others DNSBL since there are many alternative.
  13. DNSBL Resolution Issues

    Using*2,,, also having timeout with the spamrats DNSBL. Maybe is their problem. Apr 15 09:09:36 pmg postfix/postscreen[2782]: warning: dnsblog reply timeout 10s for
  14. [SOLVED] Mail Proxy Whitelist Regex

    Try this regex (\W|^).*\.mil(\W|$) (\W|^).*mail\.mil(\W|$)
  15. Can I create a rule based on a text in the mail?

    As far as I know there is no option to customize spamassain rule via GUI. Maybe you can request new feature to PMG's Dev. Refer below link.
  16. Can I create a rule based on a text in the mail?

    Use spamassasin custom config. body CLICK_BAIT /\bclick here\b/i describe CLICK_BAIT Possible click bait score CLICK_BAIT 1.0
  17. Gmail account w/PMG

    Is up to your environment. If your PMG is same network with your email server, configure firewall to redirect SMTP to your PMG instead of the email server.
  18. How to block all emails with specific link/domain in the body of the email

    Spamassassin custom configuration. uri __G_DRV /\/drive\.google\.com/i uri __ONE_DRV /\/onedrive\.live\.com/i meta CLOUD_SHARE ( __G_DRV || __ONE_DRV )...
  19. How come phishing email can pass all

    Provide the spam mail in raw format.


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