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  1. [SOLVED] Single PBS for different PVE clusters

    Hello there, is there any forecast when this feature will be available?
  2. [SOLVED] Dirty bitmap after reboot

    Hello everyone, I am a bit confused or maybe I am misinterpreting something: As soon as I reboot a PVE server the dirty-bitmap is all gone: INFO: started backup task 'd3444593-26bf-4cc7-8ff3-0335701b2440' INFO: resuming VM again INFO: scsi0: dirty-bitmap status: created new INFO: scsi1...
  3. Open vSwitch + LACP + RSTP

    Hello everyone, is the PVE documentation regarding Open vSwitch + bonding cannot do RSTP still valid? I moved from SR-IOV interfaces to Open vSwitch, enabled bonding and am still able to set RSTP=true without any problems.
  4. [SOLVED] Open vSwitch multiple NICs

    Hello there, just a question regarding Open vSwitch on Proxmox. According to documentation it is not able to use bonding + RSTP - I guess this is still valid? What is the general behaviour if I add two physical interfaces without bonding to an Open vSwitch? Is there kind of a loadbalancing...
  5. [SOLVED] How to login as a regular user?

    Hello there, I am very new to PMG and enabled it today for my domain. So far I was able to link PMG with my Active Directory (LDAPS) and now I would like to have my users be able to login to check their spam emails. Therefore I have selected "Ticket or LDAP" but unfortuantely I am unable to...
  6. WebAuthn registration failed

    I recognized that PVE 7.1 supports WebAuthn so I decided to migrate from U2F to it. But unfortunately it fails with following error message: `The user verified even through discouragement`
  7. [SOLVED] Multiple QDevices

    Hello everyone, just wondering if it would be possible to add more then 1 QDevice for a Proxmox cluster?
  8. Ethernet VF name/comment

    Hello there, this topic is not directly a PVE thing but rather a Linux one. I recently migrated from PVE ethernet bridging to SR-IOV via my ethernet adapter to see if there are any differences like performance bonus. So far it works with PCIe passthrough the VF of my NICs but as I have several...
  9. Proxmox graphical output to BMC instead of GPU

    Hello everyone, I have a Supermicro server mainboard which comes with a dedicated IPMI chip for remote controlling the server. Unfortunately as soon as Proxmox boots I can only see Loading Linux 5.11.22-5-pve ... Loading inital ramdisk ... PVE boots without any issues so I guess it tries to...
  10. [Feature request] Show names within PBS

    Hello everyone, currently PBS only shows the VM ID but not the name of it. IMHO it would be a nice to have feature to also display the name of the corresponding VM.
  11. [SOLVED] Proxmox HA without shared backend/equal servers

    Hello everyone, I am not sure if it's possible or not so I raise this question: Is it possible to have HA from a hypervisor perspective if I do not use a shared storage backend or if the hardware configuration of each server is different?
  12. WSUS cleanup crashes VM

    Hello everyone, I am currently struggeling with a problem on a Win 2k19 server VM. Config: 8cores/2socket (= 16 CPUs for VM) & 32 GB RAM (fixed value). Usually the memory within the VM is consumed by IIS & SQL Server for WSUS. Yesterday night I started a cleanup process: 1) Checked and...
  13. [SOLVED] PBS 2.0

    Hello Proxmox team, when will the Proxmox Backup Server 2.0 be available as I am running PVE 7.0 + PBS on the same host.
  14. [SOLVED] Proxmox 7.0 upgrade while VMs are running

    Hello everyone, I have a (very) remote place where a Proxmox server is doing it's job pretty well and running a couple of VMs including a firewall/VPN. Can Proxmox be upgraded to the newest version while at least this specific VM keeps running? Otherwise I would not be able to Proxmox.
  15. ZFS encryption

    Hello everyone, I have a general question regarding ZFS encryption: Is it recommended/supported on a hypervisor level? My intention is that I have a Nextcloud webserver with around 700 GB of cloud storage. Currently it is not encrypted within the VM due to some not working applications of...
  16. [SOLVED] SPICE unable to use more monitors

    Hello, I am using SPICE for an Ubuntu VM with GUI (21.04). I have installed all the proper drivers within the VM and I am using the up-to-date version of virt-viewer on my Windows 10 desktop (10.0) from here. It seems that unfortunately I am unable to use more than 1 display within SPICE...
  17. PCIe passthrough

    Hello everyone, I have stumbled into an "interessting" issue. My server currently has two Nvidia 1050 GPUs. If I passthrough one of them it works fine and without any issues. If I would likt to use both of them for different VMs only one VM will start while the 2nd one runs into a timeout at...
  18. Centralized backup server

    Hello everyone, beside the I guess main function of backing up Proxmox VMs is it also planned to have PBS being a centralized backup server like Bacula where you can install a client on a physical machine and back up stuff via a local installed client? Or would that be out of scope - at least...
  19. [SOLVED] PBS + PVE same host

    Hello there, I am currently thinking of installing Backup Server beside my virtualisation host. Does this simpyl work out of the box? How about shared ressources like RAM for ZFS? Is PBS able to read the configuration stuff I have configures at PVE (e.g. network settings)?
  20. [SOLVED] PBS use case

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe zum Backup Server eine generelle Frage. Aktuell nutze ich zwei verschiedene Backup-Systeme: VM-based: ZFS (RAID-Z 1) das über das eingebaute NFS Share für meinen 2. Server via LAN verfügbar ist. Läuft 1x pro Woche File-based: Ich habe auf einer Windows Server VM Veeam...


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