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  1. Disk shows as full

    An Any pointers or documentation on how to do this? =D Or would it just be simpler to reinstall the Ubuntu on a new VM?
  2. Disk shows as full

    The 1.4 & 0.5 can be ignored. They're just "raw physical disks" of data/media I had in my old server. Haven't setup proper raids yet, because I need to buy new disks. So those I just mount if I need to grab some raw footage or something. :p Any way to expand my 20GB (The disk is a 128GB SSD)...
  3. Disk shows as full

    Hi, my VM-disk shows as full and I cannot figure out why. This gives lots of weird R/W errors. I barely got anything on the VM. Running a MC Server and a Jellyfin I'm not using. Any help in the right direction, much appreciated. =) totte@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l Disk /dev/loop0: 55.51 MiB...
  4. Disk showing half capacity

    Correct you are. I bought a Dell PowerEdge C1100, it's not the newest but it runs =D (Price was good at 100$) After doing some research I can get around this with a different raid controller, will do some more research before ordering one. Thanks for the raid info as well!
  5. Disk showing half capacity

    Not sure if this is Proxmox related or not, but here goes.. I'm trying to setup a HDD and it only shows half the capacity. This disk is 4TB. Anyone know what might be wrong? And while I got your attention, what would be the smartest raid to run if I want to add disks later to the pool? Or...
  6. [SOLVED] New user not working

    That worked better! Cheers =D Follow-up question.. If I've already made a couple of VM's under root, can I give my new user access to those? Edit: Nvm, found it under permissions. Thanks again. =)
  7. [SOLVED] New user not working

    Hi! So I've installed Proxmox and getting familiar with it. Then I thought, it's probably not good to run/login as root. So I made a new user from the shell with adduser, then adding "him" to the sudoers. Works wonders to logon my new user from the terminal over SSH, but not thru the Proxmox...
  8. [SOLVED] Port Forwarding

    Okay, so when figuring out that I've been using the wrong IP all along, it came quite obvious that my router forwards where wrong as well. Pointing them to the VM's IP instead of the server, it's now working as intended. I guess it takes some time to figure out "how to think" when working with...
  9. [SOLVED] Port Forwarding

    UFW is not installed, that I've already checked. Okay, so I'm like THE most tired dad in the entire world right now. I've been trying to connect the Proxmox server IP and not the VM IP. That changes so that it works over LAN... Still not visable to the internet tho.
  10. [SOLVED] Port Forwarding

    Hi! I'm new to this and just installed Proxmox on my labserver to learn. However, I can't figure out port forwarding, coming from Virtualmin. I've been all over Google and the forum and nothing seems to solve my problem. I'm trying to forward 25565 for a Minecraft server which is running on a...


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