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  1. Clone Template -> Permission Check failed (/, Sys.Console) (403)

    OK, write down the problem is the solutuion. :-) I had create a new role with the sys.console privileg. Then i add the new role to the goup with path / and it works :)
  2. Clone Template -> Permission Check failed (/, Sys.Console) (403)

    Hi Proxmox Community, we have an enviroment with about 300 pupils in an education enviroment. Every pupil have a own ressource pool with Administrator permission. Every pupil is member of a group. The group have PVEDatastoreUser on every /storage/<STORAGE>. The group have also PVEVMAdmin...
  3. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    I can not believe it! It's that simple :-) I was almost sure that it was something very simple, since everything is available in every video. I watched videos and read documentaries for hours. I thought I was too stupid... Thank you!!!!!
  4. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    thanks for the link to the source (diff) very interesting, but i'm not good enough to understand exacatliy what happens :-)
  5. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    Hi Fabian, thx for your help. Now i could create the LVM. If i try to migrate a VM or a LXC then i get "storage 'SSD-School' is not available on node 'pve02'" I had attached a screeshot
  6. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    Sorry for the delay. The link that you had posted brings me not forward. This is a other situation with old mount points and so on. Storagetype is LVM. I don't understand the concept of the storages
  7. Upgrade PVE 6.x to 7.x : Grub issues

    Thanks for the solution this fix also my problem :-) Greate!
  8. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    The Memtest was ok. We had the problem again. Reboot while finishing the installations. We have about 16 Machines finished and running. The Rest had problems to finish thought the reboot. In the Syslog i can see only the Info "--Reboot"
  9. System unbootable - grub error: disk lvmid not found

    We could boot the server from a Stick With that iso a boot over the stick works till the next reboot. Now it should be easyer to repair. I was for me a shock that my...
  10. System unbootable - grub error: disk lvmid not found

    I ran in the same problem yesterday and looked the whole evening to solve it. Hope the solution here helps me.
  11. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    Hi, i hadn't found with googleseach or with the forumseach Informations that brings me forward. If there exists dozen answers please let me know where. You could see in my post that i had problems to define my problem exact, So why do you think that a seach with inaccurate information would be...
  12. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    Hi, i have create a cluster with two nodes. I have a local Storage with the name SSD-School. If i want to mirgrate a container than i think i need a storage with the same name on the secound node, or? When i try to create an the secound node a Storage with the namen SSD-School i get "storage ID...
  13. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    i a meeting today a colleague means that i also possiblem that we had a hardwareproblem. Next week we start a burnintest
  14. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    Hi, Today we had tried the same procedure again. We had the same Situation again. While the second step in the installation process proxmox was away. (Current version 7.1.8) Regards Michael
  15. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    Now i had analyzed the syslog. I can see that the System has been done a reboot at 9:39 till 9:45 (No Messages in the log in that time). After 9:45 i can see some Messages that looks like a proxmox boot. I cant't identify any failure.
  16. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    We do that still today. After a systemcheck all machines are OK. All W11 machines in the state of the last configuration step with setup the region. More Infos in the evening. I had updates to 7.1.8. May it helps
  17. Windows 11 Installation -> Proxmox 7.1.7 reboot

    Hi, i had installed with about 20 pupils a Windows 11 Pro/Edu. We had used a VM with Windows 11/2022 template, with 64GB Disk. All other settings was default. All installations was almost parallel. After the first reboot at the end of the installation proccess the Proxmoxsystem wasn't no longer...
  18. Performance Issue

    Hi, i have a HP DL380 GEN8 Server with 256GB Ram, 40 CPU Cores and 2xRaid 1, 8TB HDDs 7.2K. (8x3,5" disksheph) We use that System for trainings. Our typical workload is that all user do the same things nearly at the same time. We think that our bottleneck is the disk system. I had checked the...
  19. SPICE/USB WLAN Stick kills Systemwide network

    Seems that my message is rubbish. It seems that the networkport has been died. I had boot the system with a livelinux and i have the same problem. Other Switchport, other netcable,.. no effekt. Funny that the WLAN Stick work and the hardwaredefekt appears at the same time. Sorry for the effort!
  20. SPICE/USB WLAN Stick kills Systemwide network

    Hi Dominik, Thx for the quick reponse. Here is the output of the ip commands Best regards Michael 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1000 link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00 inet scope host lo...


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