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  1. All VMs locking up after latest PVE update

    Update. After changing Cache from Writeback to Default (No cache) on each VM which disks are located on NFS there is no any problem. Uptime 6+ days. With Writeback VM freezed every day. This post...
  2. All VMs locking up after latest PVE update

    You are right, NFS -> HDD-NFS
  3. All VMs locking up after latest PVE update

    Yes But there is no any specific settings in VM. By the way - I'm not using Proxmox Backup Server.
  4. All VMs locking up after latest PVE update

    I have sometimes the same problem with VMs. which disk drive is rellocated on NFS Storage. At first I have faced with problem one month ago with server on my second work, but I was thought that there is problem with HDD on NFS Server (Another proxmox with ZFS RAIDz1-0). But now there problem...
  5. [HOW-TO] Proxmox 7 cgroupv2 - Centos 7 upgrade systemd without systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0

    By the way. If You want to use this workaround for multiple containers in future - I'll recommend to make this only for one, mak backup of this container and after restore this backup like template (restore backup to another VMID)
  6. [HOW-TO] Proxmox 7 cgroupv2 - Centos 7 upgrade systemd without systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0

    Why not? Contaier will be worked as before, but it's not recommended to use in PRODUCTION. Linux Oracle 5.11.22-5-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.11.22-10 (Tue, 28 Sep 2021 08:15:41 +0200) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  7. How to amdgpu on proxmox 7

    No, there is no any particullar reason. In my situation I think it's overhead to use amd proprietary driver to use HW Transcoding instead of Vaapi (It's fully supported also HEVC 10-bit)
  8. How to amdgpu on proxmox 7

    HI! I have a success with AMDGPU Passthrough to LXC for Hardware transcoding. I'm using Jellyfin for My Home Library and I'm using HW Transcoding with vaapi. PreqReq: LXC Container Ubuntu 20.04 1. I have used this guide from emby 2. In lxc.conf I'm include this options to passthrough amdgpu...
  9. [HOW-TO] Proxmox 7 cgroupv2 - Centos 7 upgrade systemd without systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0

    Hi Everyone! I have found an easy workaround how upgrade Centos 7 systemd without modify grub and without reboot host. So, You should do a few steps. Disclaimer 1, it's HIGHLY recommended to switch to modern distr which has actual systemd with natively support cgroup v2!!!! Disclaimer 2, all...
  10. No Network Adapter in fresh Windows Server after Upgrade to Proxmox 7

    Hi Everyone! Also have a such problem with Windows 8.1. After upgrading to Proxmox 7 sometimes there is no netowkr adapter in VM. After 2-3 reboots Network Adapter appears in VM and I can connect via RDP to it. I also tryed virtio drivers from virtio-win-0.1.196.iso and have changed machine...
  11. GTX 980 Ti passthrough, error 43. Can't find any updated resources for solving this.

    HI diericx. Are You using uefi for start system or just boot via mbr and grub? For me, I have such error and have found solution as change boot to UEFI mode. (After bios update boot mode changed to default and have spent some time to fix it)
  12. VM doesn't boot up after converting to GPT from MBR

    Hi, For me workaround for Win8 was like this: Create new WM and Install it. Make a backup FAT32 partition. Restore FAT32 Partition to old VM. Make some changes with btmgr and uefi for Windows Boot. Clone OVMF disk drive to old VM. Or You can use rEFInd as bootloader in VM on FAT32 Partition.
  13. Changing VMID of a VM

    HI, First of all - This script is handmade, but I have ckecked it. BE SURE THAY YOU HAVE BACKUP OF YOUR VM. export vgNAME=vg-images newVMID=173 oldVMID=175 ; \ for i in $(lvs -a|grep $vgNAME | awk '{print $1}' | grep $oldVMID); \ do lvrename $vgNAME/vm-$oldVMID-disk-$(echo $i | awk '{print...
  14. solutions for a storage file server

    Hello, VM: XPenology. LXC: any linux with Webmin and samba module. My usercase: XPenology and Alpine Linux LXC with Samba Active Directory.
  15. GPU Passthrough only works after suspend/resume of the host

    For me trying to reset GPU was not successful. I'm using usbrelay and turn off my GPU when I do not need it. It's expensive to use it 24/7. I have wrote a small script. Maybe usefull for somebody. Lite FAQ. After enabling Power on my GPU I remove from PCI and refresh PCI devices. Reset as I...
  16. Backup failed with exit code 2

    my VM is also Raw images. Or is not similliar because of guest agent?
  17. Backup failed with exit code 2

    NFS storage can consist of QCOW images But if I would backup VM with RAM Image and Backup storage is NFS storage - there is no error. If I would backup Unprivelleged LXC to NFS Storage it will failed in Snapshot/Suspend mode and have success in Stop mode.
  18. [SOLVED] Web interface showing questionmarks for all VMs / LXC

    Hello, Have You tried to Passthrough some device to LXC? I have similliar error when I have tried to Passthrough Vega GPU from Athlon 200ge to My Plex LXC. After disabling it (have commented in conf) the problem has gone.
  19. Backup failed with exit code 2

    For unprivileged container You can use STOP mode Maybe for future Set default STOP mode for Unprivileged Container?


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