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  1. icc_send_rec[1] failed: Connection refused

    One of the two nodes of my Proxmox cluster won't start after reboot. This is what I tried: $ pvecm status ipcc_send_rec[1] failed: Connection refused ipcc_send_rec[2] failed: Connection refused ipcc_send_rec[3] failed: Connection refused Unable to load access control list: Connection refused...
  2. Storage is not online (500) - on a new cluster

    I've got a Proxmox VE running with a couple of VMs and two shared storages (CIFS), working nicely. I installed a new Proxmox VE (second node), created a cluster, everything seems fine but none of my shared storages are working on my second node: Any ideas how to debug this? Thanks!
  3. Improving battery health when running Proxmox VE on a laptop

    I'm running a Proxmox VE on a laptop computer and because it's always on 24/7 I'd like to make sure the battery lasts long. I figured our that Linux OS has a built in support for limiting battery threshold simply by: (for example to 80%) cat 80 >...
  4. BUG: Cannot remove a VM that is suspended and has a non-existing ISO image mounted

    I'd like to report a bug. Steps to reproduce: Have a VM that has an ISO image mounted in it's virtual CD/DVD Suspend the VM Delete the ISO image Try to delete and purge the VM What happens: It's impossible to remove the VM because it's suspended It's impossible to resume the VM because the...
  5. Storage unavailable on other nodes in a cluster

    We have a 2-node Proxmox cluster a 3TB hard drive storage attached to node 1): It also shows up on node 2), however it's status is 'unavailabe' and I can't use it in any of the VMs: Am I supposed to be able to use this storage?
  6. [SOLVED] Unable to start VM (suspending)

    I'm having the following situation today: 1) There was a power outage at one of my clients 2) We shut down proxmox gracefully by: qm suspend 104 --todisk 1; shutdown -h now 3) Then we rebooting the machine, the VM did not start: 4) With no better idea, I read it on this forum that I need...
  7. Understanding "Cluster not ready - no quorum? (500)" during VM start

    I'm administering a Proxmox setup that has two machines in cluster: 1) a mission critical server - which runs on a long lasting UPS (should run without power for hours) 2) a non-critical server - that runs on a small UPS (lasts for a couple of minutes to turn off the server properly) The...
  8. [SOLVED] Problem with reinstalling a node of a cluster

    Hi, I followed this guide to reinstall a node of my cluster step-by-step: Two things I did different: - The 'cman' service did not exist in my case so stopping / starting didn't work but I ignored that. - A...
  9. Can I use an uploaded ISO image from another node in the cluster?

    I've uploaded some popular linux .iso images to my first Proxmox VE: I Now I created a second node called proxmox2. Can I use the .iso images stored on the original 'proxmox' node to create a new VM from them? The second node only shows me local images: I know I can SCP the images over, I...
  10. USB drive becomes inaccessible after device changes from /dev/sda to /dev/sdb

    I have a problem with an external storage on Proxmox :( I added a USB drive storage to my proxmox a few months ago this way: 1) Connected USB drive to Proxmox machine and added as an LVM storage on /dev/sda: 2) Created a new 1000 GB virtual hard drive on it: Everything was working fine...
  11. Feature request: Hibernate VMs on PVE host reboot

    I thought it would be cool to have an option to hibernate VMs (instead of shutdown) on PVE host reboot. It's especially handy when VMs require manual intervention for startup. Any thoughts on this?


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