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  1. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    Pull requests are welcome :-) Atm, i think the most useful change would be to remove the XS tool requirement but i wasnt able to call the xenserver api...
  2. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    ok so probably we need to choose a storage with "images" set
  3. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    can you please share the content of "/etc/pve/storage.cfg" ?
  4. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    yes, that's expected, as I wrote the script for my environment. Would be nice to automate the change, how can I know the storage path in use ? Should I read the value somewhere ?
  5. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    Next step (atm I don't have time): add named arguments like `--uuid` `--host` and so on and not rely on arguments position
  6. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    Try the v2 branch: Tested for about 4 VM transfers on my local server, all perfect. But I did some changes when publishing on github (just to remove hardcoded user/pass and so on) so please try it on a sandbox. Keep in mind that this will WRITE directly...
  7. Migrate VM from Xen to Proxmox

    I did a (much) better version if you would like to try. It doesn't have to extract nothing, it dumps the full VM to the ZFS pool on PVE.
  8. Coalesce disks

    But one of the biggest issue is how to "merge" multiple disks in a bigger one. Some of my old VMs are made of 7-8 "small" 20-25GB disks, I would like to move on PVE with just one bigger disks, if possible
  9. Coalesce disks

    It' s a standard ZFS install made with the proxmox installer. I don't think it's thin provisoned by default
  10. Coalesce disks

    Ciao, this is the situation: multiple VMs migrated from XenServer to PVE, each one with their original disks (i've done an automated migration script that will move virtual disks from XS to PVE). Almost all of these server has multiple disks connected with A LOT of wasted space. In example...
  11. Debian boot hangs

    O_o solved by removing "console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200" from /etc/defaul/grub
  12. Debian boot hangs

    I have some log made by iptables on one interface and i can see iptables loggin properly on console, but the boot process is still frozen
  13. Debian boot hangs

    Hi. after a proxmox hard crash (still I don't know why) , all VMs are up and running properly except one (debian, like all others). Boot process is stuck at this: i've reboot the VM with a debian rescue disk, mounted everything, run fsck on everything and no errors were found. Also, from the...
  14. [OT] Export disk lists from XenServer via API

    reading an ovf file is much easier than the xva file. Do you know if i can export the VM metadata as OVF file ?
  15. [OT] Export disk lists from XenServer via API

    Sorry for the OT but I don't know where to ask. I have to move a bounch of VMs from XenServer to Proxmox, to do so automatically with a script made by me, I need to know the exact disks lists and sizes attached to the XS server, via http call. Reading the OVA.xml file (i can export the VM...
  16. [SOLVED] grub: invalid magic number

    Yes, I have another debian 5 VM , moved right now, in the same exact way, after installing linux-image-686-bigmem. Worked flawlessly at the first time
  17. Very old server migration: virtio_blk needed?

    In every (linux) server I migrate from XenServer to PVE, i'll add virtio_blk and virtio_pci to initramfs and I'm using Virtio SCSI controller. For a very, very, very, very, very, very old server, (top performance is not a requirement) i have to migrate in the easiest way, so, if possible, to...
  18. [SOLVED] grub: invalid magic number

    Worked with standard 686 kernel
  19. [SOLVED] grub: invalid magic number

    Anyway, i'm trying with a standard 686 kernel image. let's see... maybe the xen kernel on lenny is not compatbile


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