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  1. Strange share performance issue

    so, as soon I posted that it started working properly. What I've been able to determine is that the second port on the Node's 10G card brings the switchport down on VLAN101 when in any of my SFP+ ports, but it works fine in the copper ports. I've also confirmed that my laptop and other Nodes...
  2. Strange share performance issue

    I'm seeing a very odd and difficult to troubleshoot disk share performance issue in case anyone has thoughts. I have a 4 node PVE cluster, server by a few nodes of FreeNAS with NFS shares. One of the FreeNAS boxes is new, with SSD storage, and as part of bringing it online, I have rearranged...
  3. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    OK, that's worth looking at. When I do that I get much slower writes than reads (skewed the same as the backup but different magnitudes-by about 2x). The writes were 50-80MB/s, but the reads were near 200MB/s. This test was with ~1,000 small eBook files that made up about a 5GB transfer. So...
  4. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    HA on FreeNAS boxes - No, each FreeNAS box can fail, and Yes, it is a SPOF, my HA setup is only for the VMs within ProxMox. It is still a homelab. I do rsync the Images between boxes for backup, but I don't have enough storage to replicate all of my data between the boxes, and I'm not...
  5. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Yes, in my last post, you can see the traffic on the 10G NIC.
  6. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Yea, I misspoke when I said read, the 0 MB/s is on the write side. Nonetheless, I find the 0 baffling as I have no indication that the system cannot do much better than this, so if you can propose a test or troubleshooting step that would be appreciated. I try DD below with good results. But...
  7. [SOLVED] Dual NIC questions

    So, that output isn't showing me the route - I thought that it was, in fact, showing me the routing via each bridge being used on the host? Anyway, traceroute result is below, and it doesn't show the interface that's being used. But I don't understand your comment about traffic not being able...
  8. [SOLVED] Dual NIC questions

    @LnxBil - Thanks, I wasn't sure how it was handled when the Host has dual NICs. Like I mentioned above, it looks like it's routing to the NIC properly, but since my switch (UniFI XG-16) can't do L3 routing, and my router only has 1 10G (router-on-a-stick) I would like to confirm it's not going...
  9. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    @LnxBil - Well, I would disagree that 100MB/s is fast - with my 10G network I would expect at least double that, maybe better... But, maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing. It's not at all clear why I would see this asymmetry. The Images are stored on this same SAN network as the backups are...
  10. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Another tidbit, I'm not sure why the VM above (NextCloud) was so slow, but this guacamole (Apache VNC) VM is getting 10G directly to the FreeNAS box, crossing the 101<->102 subnets. (> bferrell@freshguac:~$ iperf3 -c Connecting to host...
  11. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Thanks, but my understanding is that pigz only comes into play if you pick gzip compression, but I've selected no compression or lzo/FAST. Nonetheless, I have tried the pigz configuration, just to be sure, and it does not affect my speed. No compression is a little faster, but not much. I...
  12. [SOLVED] Dual NIC questions

    Can anyone confirm that this is fine for routing to my storage LAN (, and that I don't need to add any routing commands?
  13. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Nobody has any ideas, nor better performance? I see that "improve backups" is on the roadmap, so maybe that'll help?
  14. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Update - OK, the FreeNAS NFS share can do at least a sustained 200MB/s read - again, this is a guest VM mapped to the NFS share on FreeNAS reading at over 200, so why can't backups do at least this well? Also, here's iperf3 from the guest VM (Ubuntu 16.04 Plex server) to one of the FreeNAS...
  15. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Here's another piece of data. This is to a SMB share on the FreeNAS, but it shows the server can feed the data to a guest VM. My Mac can copy to this share at nearly 500MB/s. I'll try to map the NFS share to see what it's theoretical performance limit is.
  16. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    Update: I can't tell that ionnice helps at all, but entering anything into bwlimit seems to slow the backup down.
  17. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    I've also read through this posting, which basically shows the same as I'm seeing. Would a ICSI share be expected to fair better?
  18. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    I saw in another thread that this might be helpful. Currently running a backup. THis VM is doing nothing, and is currently the only VM running on this node (R720, dual 8 core, 192GB ram, dual 10G copper broadcom ethernet). Can't tell if these are good or bad, but the second set seems to say a...
  19. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    And now I've tried putting my new FreeNAS server on the main cluster 10G network 100, and still get ~80MB/s backups. Frustrating.
  20. PVE Backup Speed Optimization

    So, I've tried IONOICE, BWLIMIT, and local disk, and I can't tell that any of these are getting me faster backups. Is someone actually doing better than this, and if so what settings did you use?


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