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  1. dietmar

    pcie-Karte umgesteckt - Proxmox nicht mehr erreichbar?

    Ich Denke deine Netzwerk Karte hat den namen geändert? Schau mal ob die richtige Karte in /etc/network/interfaces steht.
  2. dietmar

    pcie-Karte umgesteckt - Proxmox nicht mehr erreichbar?

    oder Karte in den alten slot zurückstecken ...
  3. dietmar

    Storage size when restorting .tar.gz container

    For containers, it is stored inside the tar file. The first file of the tar archive contains the VM config.
  4. dietmar

    how to recover proxmox password

    passwords are not recoverable.
  5. dietmar

    Running iftop on KVM, there are lots traffics to other IPs (other guest KVM) security issue?

    No, this is no security issue. This is how bridged ethernet works. If you want to transfer secret data you have to use encryption. Anyway, to just hide the traffic from other VMs you can use VLANs (or separated physical networks).
  6. dietmar

    Proxmox Stop If CPU is 100%

    Please can you post your VM config? Why is the host CPU 100% (what do you run on that host)?
  7. dietmar

    [SOLVED] Frage zu Changelog pve-manager 6.1-8 vzdump

    Das ist experimenteller code, bitte noch nicht verwenden - derzeit ist daher auch keine docu verfügbar (nur source code im git repo).
  8. dietmar

    Question About Fencing

    This is simply not true. The corosync cluster stack detect such situations and the watchdog triggers.
  9. dietmar

    Clustering Error 500

    Seems that node (a node with that name) is already part of the cluster? Ip address is the address of an existing cluster member?
  10. dietmar

    Combining storage from multiple servers?

    Yes, it is possible with Ceph.
  11. dietmar

    Update Error

    Again, your name resolution (DNS) does not work.
  12. dietmar

    How to do unmount a disk with a directory?

    Please use the cli for such things, i.e: # umount /mnt/pve/Backup
  13. dietmar

    Greylisting problem with wide range ip senders

    Yes, simply add that domain to the SMTP whitelist
  14. dietmar

    ProxMox on RISC-V Questions

    As of now, there is no reasonable hardware available ...
  15. dietmar

    Insert message header or footer?

    Yes, that is possible. But honestly, I would not modify the mail at the mail proxy and insert such things. Sorry, but Proxmox Mail Gateway is a mail proxy (not a mail and groupware server).
  16. dietmar

    iSCSI connection failed

    for safety reasons, we do not cancel active storage connections ... You can use iscsiadm to cancel active iscsi sessions (see "man iscsiadm")
  17. dietmar

    Error during backup

    You run out of space on the tartget storage: > lzop: No space left on device: <stdout>
  18. dietmar

    Migrating VM using LVM to ZFS

    Migration needs the same storge type, so what you try is not possible. Try backup/restore instead.
  19. dietmar

    PMG send spam mails from a fake address

    The you have either: * a serious miss-configuration. Maybe you exposed the internal port to the internet (instead of the external port)? * an internal spammer (check the sending IP address to verify that)?
  20. dietmar

    PMG send spam mails from a fake address

    Again, those are incoming mails from an external sender (normal SPAM). The picture you posted only shows incoming mails from to your domain.


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