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  1. fabian

    Upgrade error pve-kernel-5.3.18-2-pve

    this is not an error with the kernel package, but some issue with kdump-tools and your system config. are you running on ZFS?
  2. fabian

    Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    I think you are confusing stripes of mirrored vdevs with raidz. raidz has a overhead if the ratio of written block size to minimum block size is bad, since it means the overhead for parity writes is high. non-raidz pool setups don't have parity blocks. in your case, the 8k data block can just go...
  3. fabian

    Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    @guletz that is not how stripes work in ZFS..
  4. fabian

    Moving RAW image from remote server to local server: Not enough space in pve-root?

    you could make the image available via the network (NFS, CIFS, ...) and then use 'qm importdisk' to import it directly to LVM. dd over SSH should work as well (first allocate the disk with 'pvesm alloc', then get the full block device path, and dd into it). I think 'pvesm export ... | ssh pvesm...
  5. fabian

    Where is the last boot message configured: "To configure this server..."?

    it should be fixed on the next reboot (pvebanner.service updates it on each boot, with the then current IP)
  6. fabian

    Scheduled VM-snapshots from GUI

    huh? that's not true.. snapshots include all disks/mountpoints (and are only possible if all of them support it).
  7. fabian

    [SOLVED] How to replace a failed node in a two-node VE 6 cluster? <- did you follow all these steps when removing the 'old' node2?
  8. fabian

    Scheduled VM-snapshots from GUI

    for the original question: you can easily script around 'qm snapshot' or 'pct snapshot' or the API endpoints that they represent, so rolling your own simple 'auto-snapshot' solution with pruning is fairly straight-forward. be aware that their is a hard-limit for the file-size on /etc/pve, so I'd...
  9. fabian

    Scheduled VM-snapshots from GUI

    snapshots are not a backup because they are on the same storage as the data itself. they serve a different purpose - you can use them as point-in-time reference to base replication on. or you can snapshot a guest before you do some experimental change, so that you can go back to the old...
  10. fabian

    Fehler bei zurückspielen eines Backups

    auf welchen storage / pfad restored wird ist im log ersichtlich -> /mnt/sdd/... ja, die storage definition ist ja auch noch in der /etc/pve/storage.cfg eingetragen und muss separat entfernt werden.
  11. fabian

    Fehler bei zurückspielen eines Backups

    genug platz ist vorhanden? der error code deutet darauf hin dass keiner mehr da ist ;)
  12. fabian

    hi,Why can't I install it?

  13. fabian

    Backup Error - Exit Code 1

    Im ersten Log war es ein bestimmes File aus dem Container das als Fehlerursache aufschien: INFO: tar: ./opt/iobroker/iobroker-data/backup-objects/2020-03-27_22-36_objects.json.gz: File shrank by 599095 bytes; padding with zeros jetzt im zweiten Log ist es eine VM, das heißt der...
  14. fabian

    Radius Authentication - SSH, SUDO, etc. working / Proxmox not

    And I just found which was filed for exactly this reason - maybe we should just pick it up ;)
  15. fabian

    Radius Authentication - SSH, SUDO, etc. working / Proxmox not

    Yes, like I said earlier that should be pretty straight-forward to implement without changing how the default common-auth case works - it's just that no-one has requested it yet as far as I know ;)
  16. fabian

    Backup Error - Exit Code 1

    tritt das immer beim selben file auf?
  17. fabian

    Proxmox RaidZ

    detaillierte hintergrundinfos finden sich hier: das war damals allerdings noch für 512byte platten / ashift 9, heutzutage mit ashift 12 ist das ganze etwas schlimmer, da die...
  18. fabian

    watchdog-mux.service selected for restart on upgrades

    needrestart is a nice tool (I use it on my systems I manage ;)) - but you need to tune the lists a bit to exclude stuff that triggers false-positives or should not be restarted.
  19. fabian

    Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    if you don't have free sapce anywhere, then yes.
  20. fabian

    watchdog-mux.service selected for restart on upgrades

    we don't install needrestart by default, and needrestart requires tuning of the default include/exclude lists to work reliably. watchdog-mux does not link against anything that should require a restart (except for libc, in which case you probably are upgrading from one major release to the next...


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