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  1. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    As @aaron pointed out repeatedly, you need a monitoring solution to monitor ARC and L2ARC. If you're lucky, your L2ARC is useful, it probably won't. You will only know after you're running with it at least until it is full. @guletz is still right. 3 is not divisible by 2, so you will loose...
  2. Proxmox Fiber channel storage with MPIO Setting

    As I wrote in comment 4, I do not have any configuration present besides the naming of the devices. For older EMC DGC devices, we needed to force alua, maybe that could help for you too: devices { device { vendor "DGC" product "*" hardware_handler "1 alua"...
  3. How to move raw image on ZFS

    Why would you want to do this? ZFS (with its zvol) is superior to RAW files in every way.
  4. RaspberryPi

    Auch wenn ARM seit Jahren aktiv von Proxmox untersucht und PVE für ARM angepasst wird ist es fraglich ob es je für den Pi rauskommen wird. Ziel ist hier eher die großen ARM-Server, die man heute schon mit 64+ Kernen kaufen kann und die ggf. den Servermarkt revolutionieren, wenn mehr Software...
  5. Public cloud with ProxMox

    I suppose you speak of IaaS cloud with PVE? Yes, PVE is not designed for that. You can limit e.g. the storage space, but not the RAM or cores, so that every customer can set what he wants. On the forums, WHMCS is often discussed, but I never used it. Building other kinds of clouds, e.g. PaaS or...
  6. Audit/check my iptables rules?

    Have you configured everything by yourself? Why don't you use the PVE firewall? If you have only one public IP, you can just remove your eno1 from the bridge and run in standalone mode, so you can get rid of your vmbr1. To secure it even further, use GeoIP and/or knockd.
  7. Kubernates

    What is production grade for you? In the highly virtualized world, you spin up at least three nodes for a k8s cluster and run your one application on it. If you need another software, just spin up another set of nodes, this is at least what we do. I don't think that a fully fledged k8s system...
  8. Is it possible to use IP Adresses from a second proxmox Node

    Directly, no. You need to build a reverse proxy on your datacenter that forwards all the incoming requests to your home server. Best way to do this is to have a VPN to your reverse proxy VM. This has nothing to do with PVE itself, please read up on reverse proxying http/https with nginx, apache...
  9. [SOLVED] How can I create a local network between VMs?

    You don't need another bridge to do that, you can just have multiple subnets on a single physical network.
  10. Duplication of a virtual disk on LVM thin

    Hard to say. It is a general problem and you will experience this with ZFS, too. In general, this happens very, very seldomly, so maybe just hope that'll will not happen any time soon again.
  11. Server not able to sustain 1Gbps throughput

    Unfortunately, I do not know what causes this. I've never seen the swap used in a copy action.
  12. Proxmox Fiber channel storage with MPIO Setting

    We don't use that, just the plain OS stuff.
  13. ZFS Storage und Proxmox LVM

    Du hast FC-HBAs ohne Tranceiver gekauft? Die sind IMHO recht selten (ich hab selbst noch keinen in der Hand gehabt). Öhh.... hast du das mal gemacht? Ich hatte es vor Jahren probiert und bin dran gescheitert (hab' es aber direkt mit FC als Protokoll versucht und hab kein IP-over-FC gemacht).
  14. PVE crash ZFS I/O infinity wait

    Please add also zpool list.
  15. Again problems with sizes in zfs.

    The only option is to not use raidz, but use stripped mirrors.
  16. [SOLVED] Hardware - Welcher Proz ? LGA1151-Sockel

    Klingt nach: mit 100g Mehl 1000 kg Brot backen. Eine Empfehlung abzugeben ist völlig hinfällig bei der schieren Anzahl an Prozessoren die Intel pro Generation raushaut - einen gebrauchten Xeon zu kaufen finde ich aber immer gut, ist aber auch sehr viel Recherche notwendig um hier nach deinen...
  17. [SOLVED] Frage zu Changelog pve-manager 6.1-8 vzdump

    Bin auch gespannt was da kommen wird :-D
  18. ZFS Tests and Optimization - ZIL/SLOG, L2ARC, Special Device

    This wiki article describes how to set up the special devices. MY setup currently looks like this: root@proxmox ~ > zpool status pool: zpool state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0B in 0 days 03:00:26 with 0 errors on Mon Mar 23 12:18:53 2020 config: NAME...
  19. no internet access on a fresh install

    We're still waiting on your DNS settings from /etc/resolv.conf.
  20. Proxmox Fiber channel storage with MPIO Setting

    We are maintaining a huawei xsg1 full nvme storage with multipath and alua and it was straight-forward to set up as any other storage I worked on in the past decade. We do not have any additional configuration settings. Often, vendors provide their own multipath.conf settings, maybe you can ask...


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