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  1. Could not access KVM kernel module: No such file or directory

    I just ran into this on one of my boxes. It had been in production for years, and suddenly stopped working after upgrading to the latest proxmox. Turns out the CPU battery died and apparently the BIOS reset at some point during rebooting and disabled the Intel VT extensions.
  2. Proxmox Updates are Downloading Slow

    Same issues. Getting ~21 kB/s. Traceroute from Washington state ends up in Germany. Are there 'closer' servers?
  3. Windows Update Breaks VM

    Odd. Maybe you should just stop posting on forums. In fact, maybe Proxmox will just delete this forum since no one is paying for it. No one is demanding free support. We are posting about issues we've run into, hoping someone who is more knowledgeable can point us in the right direction or...
  4. Windows Update Breaks VM

    Since some of us here don't know the intimate details of everything from the Linux Kernel, to virtualization, to BIOS, etc...we're mostly hoping that someone with a bit more knowledge can point us in the right direction or give us troubleshooting tips. As a counter-argument though: If you're...
  5. Windows Update Breaks VM

    I'm not blaming Proxmox. I'm saying it appears to only *occur* when running as a VM under Proxmox. It doesn't occur on any of the physical workstations. It doesn't occur on the vSphere servers we manage. It doesn't occur under hyper-v. It only occurs running under Proxmox (qemu/kvm/whatever)...
  6. Windows Update Breaks VM

    We are running in to the same issues. We host a handful of Linux and Windows VMs for clients. Linux, and Windows Server 2012 have no issues. Specifically Windows 7 and Windows 2008 will randomly decide not to boot (going into System Recovery) after installing Windows Updates. I've tested with...
  7. Migration to new 2.2 nodes fails

    I had three Proxmox 2.x servers. I don't recall the exact version, just that they were NOT the latest. These servers worked well--specifically we were able to migrate virtual machines between them. Yesterday we added two new servers to the cluster. We did so by updating the software on the...
  8. 'pveam update' not updating appliance list

    I just popped open /usr/bin/pveam and noticed it logs info to /var/log/pveam.log. It looks like it is updating successfully: Nov 27 21:13:47 starting update [GNUPG:] IMPORT_OK 0 9ABD7E02AD243AD3C2FBBCCCB0C1CC225CAC72FE [GNUPG:] IMPORT_RES 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 [GNUPG:] IMPORT_OK 0...
  9. 'pveam update' not updating appliance list

    Yes, I have connectivity and am able to do an apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. -A
  10. 'pveam update' not updating appliance list

    I found several threads where people are getting HTTP404's when trying to download templates. The solution was to run 'pveam update' from the command line. I am unable to download the ticket tracker for a client due to a 404 error, so I ran 'pveam update'. The command took about a second to...
  11. Troubleshooting bizarre 'wrong console' issue

    I've run into a strange issue using Proxmox 2.x where it displays the wrong VNC console. root@kvm1:~# pveversion pve-manager/2.1/f32f3f46 root@kvm1:~# Two weeks ago I had this problem and I figured I had just messed something up. I ended up stopping all my virtual machines and rebooting the...
  12. mode failure - unable to detect lvm volume group

    I stand corrected. I dredged up old logs from my problem site from a month ago--the VMs are suspending. I find it funny that a 24/7 outfit that has its servers regularly suspending for several hours at a time hasn't made a peep...
  13. mode failure - unable to detect lvm volume group

    It's working at 3 different sites right now--just not the one I apt-get dist-upgraded.
  14. mode failure - unable to detect lvm volume group

    kvm3:~# lvs LV VG Attr LSize Origin Snap% Move Log Copy% Convert data pve -wi-ao 166.33G root pve -wi-ao 58.00G swap pve -wi-ao 4.00G kvm3:~# lvdisplay ---...
  15. mode failure - unable to detect lvm volume group

    About a week ago I did my usual 'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade' on one of my Proxmox machines and rebooted. Now the nightly backup is suspending the VM rather than doing a snapshot. Other than installing the updates, the box hasn't seen changes in several months. I missed the problem...
  16. Online migration fails

    *facepalm* I had it in my clipboard, but forgot to paste it. Sorry. kvm1:~# pveversion -v pve-manager: 1.7-11 (pve-manager/1.7/5470) running kernel: 2.6.32-4-pve proxmox-ve-2.6.18: 1.7-10 pve-kernel-2.6.32-4-pve: 2.6.32-30 pve-kernel-2.6.18-2-pve: 2.6.18-5 pve-kernel-2.6.18-4-pve...
  17. Online migration fails

    I have three proxmox boxes (kvm1, kvm2, kvm3). All the virtual machines are running under kvm using iscsi targets as their storage. It doesn't seem to matter what host I am transferring to or what guest I am moving--they fail: kvm3:~# qmigrate --online --verbose 109 Mar 22...
  18. Interface missing when adding a virt adapter

    That fixes it. It's a bit inconvenient to not have the network settings sync *and* be required to put network settings on the master that you don't need. Then again, I don't see a better way around it at the moment... ;)
  19. Interface missing when adding a virt adapter

    If I'm understanding you correctly, I need to add the bridge to both the master, and the node that has the VM that actually needs it. I'll give that a shot today. Thanks.


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