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  1. Cores vs hyperthreading

    We currently use AMD servers for Proxmox but want to move to Intel. Intel uses hyperthreading but shows the threads as cores in cpuinfo. Can we safely assign the threads as vcores? Or is it better to stick with AMD and real cores.
  2. Error deleting VM

    Hi, I'm trying to remove a VM which is not used anymore.. Getting the following error.. TASK ERROR: pool cleanup failed: can't aquire cfs lock 'file-user_cfg': pve cluster filesystem not online. Any idea's?
  3. Unable to copy ssh ID

    Followed all the instructions from the Wiki. However when adding a node to the cluster I run into the following error.. pvecm add Generating public/private rsa key pair. Your identification has been saved in /root/.ssh/id_rsa. Your public key has been saved in /root/.ssh/
  4. Enable 2nd NIC with another subnet

    Hi, just installed Proxmox 2. I would like to have my second NIC running another subnet than my first NIC. I'm not able to give it another gateway so can't ping it.. How should I proceed?
  5. Error: no backup storage defined - please create a backup storage first

    I followed the 2 steps in However when I want to add a backup job I get the following message: Error: no backup storage defined - please create a backup storage first Not sure how to proceed. The 2 steps went fine..
  6. RHEL 5.6 kvm guest - Proxmox shows wrong stats

    For a customer I installed RHEL 5.6 as guest on kvm. When in proxmox I check the guests all CentOS guests show the correct RAM usage. However on the RHEL guest the free RAM is shown as used RAM. CPU utilization seems to be a bit off also showing higher usage than in fact is used. Is there an...
  7. VNC full screen?

    Hi, installed 1.7 and now wanting to install win 2008. However the vnc console somehow isn't working full screen so I'm unable to do the install. Am I missing something?? Working on MaxOsx..
  8. Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 on KVM.

    A customer of mine wants to run a small business server 2008 on our colocation. Does anyone have experience with running it on kvm? Will it install out of the box just like Windows 2008 or are there certain things I need to be aware off?
  9. Removing a master and promoting another node???

    I'm not sure. I have a cluster with 3 nodes. Node 1 is master. I moved all vps-es from the master to the other nodes and have to remove the master and make another one of the nodes master for the time being. I have no clue how to proceed without breaking the cluster. Is there some easy steps to...
  10. Problem updating hosts

    For a few clusters we still run 1.1 since upgrading to higher versions is too risky. We run huge vps-es which will be down too long if an upgrade fails. So we keep using 1.1 and update the hosts and vps-es regularly. This morning I wanted to apt-get update the hosts again and got the following...
  11. Unable to load local cluster table

    Hi, yesterday I added a new server to my cluster as usual. Never experienced issues doing this in the past but this time I get a "Unable to load local cluster table" error all the time.. I have no clue how to solve this.. I've setup everything like I did in the past having lot's of clusters...
  12. RAM usage question

    We are struggling with a proxmox server for 2 weeks now. During checking every aspect of the server I suddenly noticed something strange. In the proxmox webinterface the RAM is shown as 3 GB used out of the 16 GB which is installed. However when I login to the server with ssh and use the top...
  13. Host runs iptables for the VPS-es?

    Hi, I've been searching on this forum and I do find several topics on iptables but not an answer to my specific question. I want to run iptables on the hardware node in order to protect the 5 vps-es running on it. The 5 vps-es all run similar services like http and ftp. Is this possible...
  14. External esata drive

    Hi, I want to add an esata drive to my host in order to make backups of some vps-es. Will the Proxmox recognize esata cards by default?
  15. Mount external disk into several vps-es??

    I was wondering. Say I connect an e-sata disk to the host. Is it possible to mount this disk in multiple vps-es on this host?
  16. Vague named issues in vps

    I'm having bind installed in a vps. We suffer from some vague dns issues. In my logfiles I see this error May 10 04:25:16 da named[575]: internal_send: Invalid argument May 10 04:25:24 da named[575]: socket.c:1156: unexpected error: I have no clue what this means but I remember...
  17. Ping problems inside network

    Hi, I have several servers and proxmox servers in one subnet. From the outside world I can ping them all fine. But between them I get no ping or lots of packetloss. For example. The host runs x.x.x.90 and the vps runs x.x.x.91 I can ping from another machine with x.x.x.40 the host well. But...
  18. Can't login to request tracker

    Hi, Installed the request tracker appliance. It says to first time login as root/pass. No luck here however. Getting error username or password don't exist. Tried both IE and Firefox but no luck. I'm 100% sure I entered the right password. Any clue? Sjoerd
  19. Can't create vpses after upgrading to 1.1

    I've a weird problem. Upgraded 3 servers from 0.9 to 1.1 and received no errors. Now today I want to create an openvz vps (RH) and it creates it but won't start. After saying executing start it stops again. Not sure where to start looking for this issue..
  20. Can't set date

    Hi, My hosts are set at the right time and date. However my openvz vps-es show the wrong time. When I try to change it I get the error: date: cannot set date: operation not permitted How should I proceed??


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