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  1. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    today i installed updates, and i guess that caused trouble again: libxcomp3:amd64 (2: wird eingerichtet ... pve-kernel-helper (6.0-8) wird eingerichtet ... tzdata (2019c-0+deb10u1) wird eingerichtet ... Current default time zone: 'Europe/Berlin' Local time is now...
  2. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    I checked via lsof: root@server:~# lsof /usr/local/lib/ COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME sshd 1963 root mem REG 8,17 113264 2885827 /usr/local/lib/ sshd 19223 root mem REG 8,17 113264 2885827...
  3. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    so I think i found the cause for this file to be used: sshd! any idea why this could be or how to narrow down that?
  4. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    will check that, thanks. currently there is no new, so i have to wait until it is regenerated (i think that happens everytime an update via apt is done).
  5. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    root@server:/usr/lib# dpkg -S /usr/local/lib/ dpkg-query: Kein Pfad gefunden, der auf Muster /usr/local/lib/ passt
  6. rm /usr/local/lib/ -> file is restored automatically?

    hi, i updated proxmox from 5 to 6 last week and after some issues it works now very well. unfortunately a small issue is left: the file /usr/local/lib/ is an old version (this caused some troubles during installation already). when i remove that file, everything works smooth, but after...
  7. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    thanks a lot for that useful information! my backup script has been enhanced. ;-)
  8. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    i am backing up my VMs, that must be enough, because i am not able to backup my single system except a file backup. but i will enhance my existing backups by this important files that i detected now. is that filesystem /etc/pve completely contained in the config.db? regards, andre
  9. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    ok, that information is stored in config.db in /var/lib/pve-cluster. i moved that before, so i restored it and everything seems to be back!!! thanks a lot for having an ear for me!
  10. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    ok, /etc/pve is an own filesystem - i guess this is my problem. removed the folder, rebooted, and the webgui is back again. only my configuration is gone. any chance to get that back? my VM-files are still there....
  11. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    my /etc/pve folder seems to be empty?!?!?!
  12. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    journalctl -b errors i think of being related to this issue: Sep 05 17:29:52 server systemd[1]: Failed to start Cgroup management daemon. [...] Sep 05 17:30:00 server systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner... Sep 05 17:30:00 server pvesr[861]: ipcc_send_rec[1] failed: Connection...
  13. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    hmmm... is that missing package related to proxmox-enterprise? i am using the no-subscription version... better said: WAS using... but i want to use it still... ;)
  14. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    hi, pve-cluster does not start: root@server:/etc/apt# journalctl -xe -- -- An ExecStart= process belonging to unit pve-cluster.service has exited. -- -- The process' exit code is 'exited' and its exit status is 255. Sep 05 17:45:45 server systemd[1]: pve-cluster.service: Failed with result...
  15. [SOLVED] upgrade failed - proxmox not working anymore

    hi, i upgraded my proxmox installation. due to some local issues the installation was interrupted and i had to continue later on by dpkg --configure -a and apt fullupgrade. however, everything seems up to date, but proxmox is not working. pveproxy is running, but i am not able to reach the gui...
  16. [SOLVED] apt upgrade -> unerfüllte abhängigkeiten

    danke, hat geklappt. hab aber nur die ersten deinstalliert, das hat gereicht.
  17. [SOLVED] apt upgrade -> unerfüllte abhängigkeiten

    user@pveserver:~# dpkg --list | grep linux-image ii linux-image-3.16.0-4-amd64 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 amd64 Linux 3.16 for 64-bit PCs rc linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64 3.2.78-1...
  18. [SOLVED] apt upgrade -> unerfüllte abhängigkeiten

    hi, hab seit ein paar tagen das problem, das ich kein upgrade mehr machen kann: user@pveserver:~# sudo apt upgrade Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut. Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig Paketaktualisierung (Upgrade) wird berechnet...
  19. [SOLVED] pfSense in VM extremly slow

    just to close this thread: After a nearly complete new configuration and handling some further configs on my routers in front of the chain the issue is solved. I have the feeling that not pfsense or proxmox was root cause of this issue, but a router beforehead. thanks a lot for all the hints...
  20. [SOLVED] pfSense in VM extremly slow

    no. i am going to use traffic shaping on pfsense in the future, but currently nothing is limited.


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