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  1. dcsapak

    Alpine Linux unter KVM-Kein resize des Spice Monitors möglich

    keine ahnung hab nur folgendes gefunden: wurden die schritte wie hier ( beschrieben gemacht? speziell die spice/qxl sachen?
  2. dcsapak

    cluster kvm Template question?

    you can put the template under ha and mark it as 'stopped' this way, if the node goes down that hosts the template it will be recovered to a different host (make sure that you only use shared storage for those templates)
  3. dcsapak

    Check if node may join a cluster failed

    you can only join a host without vm on it
  4. dcsapak

    Change the hostname of the 2 Proxmox Mail Gateway cluster nodes

    you would also have to change the entries in '/etc/pmg/cluster.conf' as well as make sure ssh works (known_hosts)
  5. dcsapak

    Alpine Linux unter KVM-Kein resize des Spice Monitors möglich

    spice agents auch installiert (spice-vdagent) ?
  6. dcsapak

    Nginx proxy only for noVNC, not for GUI/api

    i don't know, you'd have to allow access to at least /access/ticket and /nodes/NODENAME/qemu/VMID/{status,vncwebsocket} etc... the list will get long quite fast you would have to build some kind of 'proxy' that queries the api and opens and relays the webocket connection and build a client...
  7. dcsapak

    Cluster joining

    the 'existingnodelogs' are very short and not much useful info there.. can you post the files /etc/pve/corosync.conf and /etc/corosync/corosync.conf from p03 and p08 ? (so 4 files in total)
  8. dcsapak

    Nginx proxy only for noVNC, not for GUI/api

    that is not really possible when you want to use our bundled novnc, since it accesses the api to start the websocket process etc. (also it checks the ticket) you would have to build your own apiclient/novnc site that does all this in a backend and not in the browser
  9. dcsapak

    Schöne xterm.js für eine VM / Vernünftiges Terminal

    das mit der größe wird bei vms nicht funktionieren, da man über eine seriell console nicht wirklich die größe mitgeben kann... die farben sollten funktionieren, man muss nur darauf achten in seiner shell in der vm die 'TERM' variable richtig zu setzen ich verwende hier immer TERM=xterm-256color...
  10. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu Bionic image stucks on boot

    does it work if you add a serial device to the vm qm set ID -serial0 socket
  11. dcsapak

    [SOLVED] AMD EPYC 7502P Support

    i want to give further info in addition to my colleague its 64 threads, and in reality most assigned cpu cores of vms are not doing much, cpus are very easy to overcommit so here the limit mostly has to do with what your vms actually do again not so easy, if you enable ballooning and/or ksm...
  12. dcsapak

    Setting Up CyberPower 1500VA UPS with Proxmox

    also check the output of 'dmesg' maybe there is some hint there? (e.g. execute 'dmesg -w' and then plug it in and see if anything gets recognized)
  13. dcsapak

    VM Destroy Procedure

    that is normal and expected on pve, all disks with the correct naming scheme (vm-...) on configured storages belong to that vm, and will deleted/migrated/etc. together with the vm
  14. dcsapak

    Cluster joining

    can you post the logs from both nodes? (syslog/journalctl)
  15. dcsapak

    Benutzer direkt informieren

    in dem fall ist es wohl besser die Quarantäne nicht zu verwenden sondern zb nur den betreff mit '[SPAM]' zu prefixen, dann können die user die mails im client/mailserver in einen ordner filtern
  16. dcsapak

    User cannot whitelist or deliver spam

    those sentences conflict with each other, is it the same login(user) or not you cannot be logged in the same browser with 2 separate credentials...
  17. dcsapak

    USEDDS- can I remove it somehow?

    yes you cannot mount it if the directory is not empty -> remove the directories inside (its ok since they are empty anyway)
  18. dcsapak

    NoVNC & SPICE not working on clustered nodes

    what does the task log say? if you double click on a failed console task, there should be more information.
  19. dcsapak

    USEDDS- can I remove it somehow?

    no mounting should not make any problems, check 'man zfs' for details about mounting a dataset
  20. dcsapak

    USEDDS- can I remove it somehow?

    it is not mounted, so the 'ls' from above is not showing the content of the zpool try mounting it and then check whats inside


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