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  1. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    my options are looking slim. is there a way i can back up all my containers from the cli so if i fresh install i save all my data?
  2. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    firewall is disabled. policy is acecpt on Input,Forward and output
  3. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    ive just manual started one of my containers vm 101 and that os is set to get address via dchp, it dose and i can conect to that os on so it seems to be a issue with proxmox talking on that range. previsouly the ip was and i changed it in the gui reboote, relised i...
  4. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    so i can ping from proxmox what i cant ping from proxmox any 192.168.10.x device including my router ??? im not sure how to run comands in the ssh shell, im using putty to ssh in ?
  5. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    hi i have run both those commands i have made a screen recording as ILO has no scroll option for me to capture the information, the link is below
  6. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    ssh access just hangs with no result i cant even get to the login now following a reboot. please see the answer to the outputs, not all of the output is there as i had to manual type it out, but hopfully i have the important parts.
  7. Cant Access GUI after changing the host ip address of proxmox

    hello all so i have had a network change that required me to change proxmox ip address, so i did this in the gui and now have no access to it after a reboot ive checked the host and hostnames file and the new machine ip address is there. ive tried looking this up, lots of results but no...
  8. HELL with hp DL20 gen 9

    hi this was found to be a fault disk
  9. HELL with hp DL20 gen 9

    hello all for the love of god please help me before I take this server and use it as a weapon to kill things with. so I have proxmox 5.4.1 iso burnt to a flash pen get the server to boot to usb follow the install questions and answers. now the first thing it dose is go off and try and make...
  10. Please Help

    hello i need a step by step guide to doing this i have tried following multiple guides and always seem to draw a error. i have a dell power edge 2950 and windows sbs2011 and we want to virtualise it , i have...
  11. need a Noob exlation of how storage works

    um i think i have worked something out is this statement correct bob has 5 HDD in his LEFT of 1GB each and in his RIGHT hand 5 HDD witch are 5GB each the physical volume of ONE drive in his LEFT hand is 1GB the logical volume of ALL the LEFT hand drives would be 5GB the physical volume of...
  12. need a Noob exlation of how storage works

    so windows. hdd - partition - format = usable space that you can see in a os Raid - Volume (the group of disks) - partition - format = usable space how the hell dose proxmox work with all these volume groups (vgdisplay) , logical groups (lvdisplay) , physical volumes (pvdisplay) im looking...
  13. Problem with LVM within ISCSI

    i understand that i. i want to create a directory or similar in the iscsi or in the lvm and don't know how and have not been able to find any support media telling me this is possable or how it could be done
  14. Problem with LVM within ISCSI

    so Proxmox out the box all done via web gui added iscsi target, added a lvm with the iscsi as the target. but how on earth do i add a directory or location within the lvm to pit say iso,ect here is a screen shot of my storage so far. eventual i will have these machines in a cluster sharing...
  15. Error some ware

    its named in the host name file and i don't use a name server i don't see how this machine has got a external ipaddress, however i do use virgin media my isp so if i put that code in my hotstname file i shod be ok? what/why do i need to add pvelocalhost? the lone reason it has .local in there is...
  16. Error some ware

    year in using the above link .it asks you to accept the security certificate then error , it is weird .I not using a public address, i don't know why that is in the banner? what i don't get the is that the machine noes where it is ment to be but where is the banner getting the address from, why...
  17. Error some ware

    year typo , but in using https and it still dose not work, as you can see there is a conflict someware
  18. Error some ware

    cant log in to web gui but can ssl and local. after update and changing my FQDN banner displays host localhost.localdomain.localhost DellPE2950-2.HHN.local # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts ::1 ip6-localhost...
  19. Permission denied From Clean start?!!!!

    do you mean the web portal, i did not relies you could change the machine name from there
  20. Permission denied From Clean start?!!!!

    YES im a SUPER NOOB needs nano in front of it. in just been reading the commands in the forum and not realizing they they need a (program) to run under Ie sub commands other than typing help is there a proper list of commands and there functions and full options?


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