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  1. Proxmox and Q-in-Q

    I have a typing error on the repo it actually works. The configuration is in place but obviously I still can't get my Q-inQ to work with the following configuration:
  2. Proxmox and Q-in-Q

    Thank you for your answer, however when I want to install ifupdown2 I have a block because APT wants to remove proxmox : Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following additional packages will be installed: python-argcomplete Suggested...
  3. Proxmox and Q-in-Q

    Hello everyone, I need to host a VM Pfsense on a Proxmox server to make a firewall. The prerequisite is that the VM distributes the network over a dozen VLANs within a Q-in-Q. So the VM has to have access to the Q-inQ, I tried this setup: - Trunk tag of several VLANs on the second interface...
  4. All servers in a cluster restart

    I'll had a bit more details : - I have a 8 compute configurations. Storage is separated on a dedicated network - The cluster is a 2 ring corosync setup, on dedicated network & separated switches. After investigation, it seems that my node 004 is the one that crashed first. I'm guessing this...
  5. All servers in a cluster restart

    Hello, I have a problem since today on a cluster that has already been running for 3 months without too many worries. Today I had a restart of all the servers in my cluster, I can't find anything wrong with the network. How can I diagnose this problem? Why Proxmox relaunches healthy servers?
  6. Too many open files ?

    Hello On a server that does not host any VPS LXC or KVM I regularly log these lines : Aug 21 11:34:27 compute004 pveproxy[11230]: failed to accept connection: Too many open files Aug 21 11:34:27 compute004 pveproxy[11436]: ipcc_send_rec[1] failed: Too many open files Aug 21 11:34:27 compute004...
  7. [SOLVED] Change password cloud-init does not work

    Dominik, It's work with new version of cloud-init. Thanks for your help !
  8. [SOLVED] Change password cloud-init does not work

    Hello Dominik, Yes I have restarted : all settings apply except the password change. But I didn't get the serial screen. Is this necessary for the password change ?
  9. [SOLVED] Bad htop memory display with LXC

    Can you send me the commit link ? I can't find him.
  10. [SOLVED] Bad htop memory display with LXC

    Hello all, I have a problem with my LXC platform, indeed the RAM displayed in htop is incorrect: obviously it seems to include memory and shared memory. For example, a memory consumption of 4.75G/4G is displayed. Proxmox Version : 5.2-1 Lxcfs : 3.0.0 Obviously it's a known bug but obviously...
  11. [SOLVED] Change password cloud-init does not work

    Hello I just created a Debian 9 cloud-init template, everything works fine: network, disk expansion, etc. However when I ask to change the root password or another user password it does not work: the password is changed but the password set or the template password does not work. Is there...


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