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  1. how to check the connection speed for virtio_nic in Linux VM

    Hi, I have installed a Linux VM with virtio virtual nic. To check the network connection speed I have used ethtool, but the speed it is showing as unknown. When I change the interface model to E1000, the speed it is showing as 1000Mbps. How do I check the network speed in Linux guest OS for...
  2. How to check exact CPU utilization of a VM

    That I Knew. Please help me with my other doubts. 1. You mean it represents CPU (host cpu ) usage of the kvm processes corresponding to a VM? Then how can I configure the dedicated cpu cores to a VM? 2. If we can't monitor the actual usage of the virtual CPU of a guest VM in UI, what is the...
  3. How to check exact CPU utilization of a VM

    I am confused, please explain to me the below doubts. 1. You mean outside (in PVE UI), the CPU usage graph of a VM designates the usage of physical CPU cores or virtual CPU cores assigned to that VM? 2. How & Where can I check the actual usage of virtual CPU of guest OS in PVE WEB UI (Outside)...
  4. How to check exact CPU utilization of a VM

    Hi All, Where can I check the accurate CPU & RAM utilization of VM? The values which are seeming on web GUI are not the same as in Taskmanager (Windows) / top or atop (Linux). 1. The % of CPU utilization in VM > Summary > Status is keep on varying to various values. Some times it is quickly...
  5. ZFS dedup is not deduplicating the vm images

    Hi, Dedup has been enabled please check the screenshot. It is showing 90GB used for 3 similar VMs (each config. with 30GB). Do I have to config. zfs storage in the thin provision or thick provision to enable dedupe?
  6. ZFS dedup is not deduplicating the vm images

    Hi All, Please, can anyone help me out to set up ZFS dedup for my qemu VM images? I am testing ZFS deduplication in PvE 6.0, I have a ZFS pool with a single (Raid0) 240GB SSD and mounted it as ZFS storage in web GUI. I have installed a windows VM on this ZFS storage with a size of 30GB. When...
  7. VM VNC console error code 1

    Hi, I am getting the error '/bin/nc -l -p 5900 -w 10 -c '/usr/sbin/qm vncproxy 100 2>/dev/null'' failed: exit code 1 when i tried to open a vm with VNC console. I tried to check in forum few users were posted same error. But i couldn't find any solution to fix this error. Please let me know...
  8. [SOLVED] Restore from lzo backup file (Command Line)

    How do i check the status of qmrestore in cli
  9. Guest UEFI enable

    all my current servers are running on PVE3.4, suddenly I can't upgrade to 5.3 now. For testing purpose Please share me the ovmf package & steps to enable UEFI for my win10 VM.
  10. Guest UEFI enable

    Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. I am intrested to test on PVE 3.4 before going to 5.3. If I know the complexity in 3.4 , I can feel the real advantage of it in 5.3. Also I want to understand how to do this configuration in CLI. Could you please help me out.
  11. Guest UEFI enable

    HI, I am trying to enable UEFI BIOS for my Win10 VM to passthrough the nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU. Where can i download the precompiled ovmf package & how to install them. Please help me, I can't able to understand your steps. Doing this testing on PVE 3.4
  12. scheduled backups of HA VMs

    Thanks for your reply. So, Can we configure on snapshot / suspend modes ? Will vzdump can able to command HA VMs to suspend.
  13. [SOLVED] Issue with OVMF GPU Passthrough (specs and details in post)

    HI, You mean do we need to enable UEFI BIOS on Host hardware ? We are also trying to passthrough the GPU Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti. But when we try to install the drivers / do OS (Win10) update we are getting BSOD error. Could please help us to enable UEFI / OVMF BIOS for our Win10 VM. Thanks.
  14. scheduled backups of HA VMs

    Hi, We need to configure automatic scheduled backups of HA enabled VMs in our 3-Node cluster. We are running few DB & App VMs on nodes. What is the best recommended method to achieve. Which mode (Stop, Suspend or Snapshot) will be the easiest way. Thanks
  15. is ext4 file system thin or thick ?

    Thanks. In directory type storage with ext3 FS I can overprovision the space for VMS. But with ext4 I can't over provision the space like LVm type storage.
  16. Directory on top of DRBD

    Hi, Is it possible to mount drbd logical disks as directory type storage in 2-node cluster PVE 3.4 (As shared storage). We trying to setup 2-node cluster with DRBD as shared storage. LVM wouldn't support snapshots, so we are trying to understand is there any alternate way. And also we need...
  17. is ext4 file system thin or thick ?

    We are using PVE 3.4 and have connected 8 TB disk. Since ext3 fs limited to 2 TB , we had formatted it with ext4 fs & mounted as directory type storage. When we try to take backup of 600 GB size VM, we are getting same size of backup file. So we want to understand whether the ext4 fs is thin...
  18. Proxmox Installation with ZFS

    Hi, I have added 2nd disk as ZFS0 in PVE5.2, is it possible to use this ZFS storage for VM replication ?
  19. PVE5.2 HA Config.

    Hi, I am facing one strange issue. I had configured Vmbr0 -> en01 -> (MAC 18:31:...:6b) and en02 -> (MAC 18:31:...:6c). But when scan the ip addresses in my router i am getting same IP - for both the interfaces (br0 & en02) with two MAC IDs. For the 3 clustered...


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