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  1. keep email in quarantine after user delivers

    Hi All is it possible to keep an email in the SPAM quarantine AFTER a user has asked for it to be delivered? we had an issue where a user had a few emails blocked, i investigated and saw the email tipped over the spam level (5) slightly, clicked deliver on the required emails, then realized i...
  2. [SOLVED] LVM Error? Cannot boot

    Hi, im having a similar issue, except i CANNOT boot into proxmox after i do a 'dist-upgrade' fresh install of 5.1 (couldnt get 5.2 iso at the time) it installs 4.13 kernel, then dist-upgrade which installs 4.15, reboot the server and then gets stuck on boot? however i am UNABLE to use an old...
  3. running a LXC backup is restarting the containers

    Hi All, not sure if other people are having this issue or just me so throught i would ask we run a nightly backup of a few KVMs and LXCs to a FreeNAS cube with NFS, never had any problems with it for months until recently for some reason the LXC containers are restarting themselves after the...
  4. Can't update pve-manager on OVH servers

    Hi I had this problem with the pre-install on few of my servers To fix it: cd /var/lib/dpkg/info/ rm pve-manager.preinst Then re-run the update command It seemed to work for myself but give it a try Simon
  5. no pve proxmox web interface after upgrade

    Hi All im also having a simular issue with the upgrade of my PVE system? any help would be much helpful Simon
  6. best way to cluster and migrate containers

    Hi all, Update progress: I moved all my container off there machines one by one onto the spare server Joined the servers into cluster And it completely fell apart! Was very unhappy :( Thankfully I took backups via nfs and did these migrates out of office hours 2am Every time I restarted a...
  7. best way to cluster and migrate containers

    Hi, Thanks for you suggestion, I will give this a go BUT how do i migrate VM machines? I can migrate openvz containers fine, but Im not too sure how to migrate my KVM machines over? Simon
  8. best way to cluster and migrate containers

    Hi All. I'm hoping for everyone's views and everyone's opinions on this I currently have 5 proxmox servers all running separately (not in cluster) and I want to start managing them all from 1 panel and do migrations, backups, etc... currently I have an old NAS box which I use for NFS storage...
  9. VM snapshot causes fast cursor and no double click in console

    Hi All, I'm hoping somebody else has had this issue that im experiencing and could point me in the direction to fix this ? 1) Create Win 7 PC, all updates, office, firefox, chrome, etc... all working perfectly :) 2) take a snapshot of PC as base image 3) install software, messing pc up...
  10. Mastering Proxmox - a book about Proxmox VE is finally available

    ok wonderful i will do that and let yours know of them all :) would you like me to read the whole book then let you know of all/any errors i find? or one at a time as i read?
  11. Mastering Proxmox - a book about Proxmox VE is finally available

    Hi, Ordered book from Amazon UK on Saturday , Turned up today Monday :) Book is wonderful and amazing! and just what I was looking for my book collection :) Just a heads up tho... SPELL CHECK THE BOOK!!!! I found a spelling error and only 11 pages in... NF: this can be OmniOS, FreeNAS...
  12. VNC 2.0 possible via external VNC Viewer

    From what i know, this method still works!? however i dont use this method anymore, i just install window machines in them , then use RDP into the machines as its much easier...
  13. Hardware Virtualization inside KVM

    well if this is correct then can you please explain how i achieve this? as i just cannot find any options how to enable it Simon
  14. Hardware Virtualization inside KVM

    i know this is my old post but just an update.... from what ive found out, you can only nest KVM if the processor is an AMD... because the nested option is in amd processor file but not intel :(
  15. blnsvr.exe keeps closing on server 2012

    thanks for link but ive already tried that and it just doesnt work :( it only seems to happen if I install Exchange server on the server?
  16. blnsvr.exe keeps closing on server 2012

    hi tom, it didnt work, it crashed after 1 minute again! so its still exactually the same! can you just confirm which folder i should be using for Server2012? regards simon
  17. blnsvr.exe keeps closing on server 2012

    im just about to try using 65 as im still using 59 which folder should i use? i normally use the WIN8 folder as im running Server2012 ???
  18. blnsvr.exe keeps closing on server 2012

    Hi People, im just wondering if the is any update to this issue? as im still having the problem :( ive told the service to restart after failure but it never restarts regards simon
  19. External VNC in proxmox 2

    Hi, You have followed two different setup instructions! using the 'args:' in the .conf file is for use with old external VNC clients (ipad, realvnc, others) and only uses password if set using the inetd is for use with tigerVNC, and webconsole only! as it uses the new x509 SSL encryption use...
  20. qmp command 'balloon' failed

    Hi All, im getting a weird error whenever i try to rollback to an snapshot on one of my KVM machines? its coming up saying 'TASK ERROR: VM 162 qmp command 'balloon' failed - unable to connect to VM 162 socket - timeout after 31 retries' but when i connect into the kvm machine, the machine has...


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