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  1. [SOLVED] Where to find Makro definitions (Firewall)

    Thank you, I found it here: /usr/share/perl5/PVE/
  2. [SOLVED] Where to find Makro definitions (Firewall)

    Hello, regarding Proxmox Firewall rules, where can I find the definitions (ports and protocols) of the Makros? Thanks in advance, Afox
  3. [SOLVED] Debian-UEFI-Installer: EFI-Disk has size of 500+MB

    Nevermind it was the EFI system partition.
  4. [SOLVED] Debian-UEFI-Installer: EFI-Disk has size of 500+MB

    Hello, I just try to install Debian with the UEFI-installer and the EFI-disk is shown with a size of 500+MB. Is this normal? Because in Proxmox it has a size of 128K (qcow2). Regards, Afox
  5. Backup to CIFS -> abort -> VM remains locked

    Hello, I just backed up a VM to a CIFS storage (Snapshot, LZO) from the webinterface, aborted while it was running and the VM remains locked. Also the data on the CIFS remains. Is this a bug? How to solve this without rebooting the node? Thanks in advance, Afox
  6. Connect OVS on multiple nodes

    Hello, lets say you have an OVS bridge on node1 with multiple VMs connected to it (multiple VLANs). Now you want to add another node (node2) whose VMs should also have access to the OVS network on node1 (and vice versa). Is this possible? If yes, how? Would it be sufficient if I add a...
  7. CPU options for Meltdown/Spectre when choosing explicit CPU-model or "host"

    Thank you for the answer. I ran the script inside the VM and there are 5 points shown as vulnerable and one as unknown: Host is a Westmere CPU. Regards, Afox
  8. CPU options for Meltdown/Spectre when choosing explicit CPU-model or "host"

    Hello, do I still need to activate the CPU options to mitigate Meltdown/Spectre although I chose a concrete CPU-model, e.g. Westmere? Would the answer change if I choose "host"? If a manual activation is necessary, is there any resource (like a table) on what to enable for the different...
  9. Rename NIC of VM (netX)

    Addition: I tried to rename the NIC to a number >= 100 the maximum number seems to be 31
  10. Rename NIC of VM (netX)

    Hello, is it possible to rename the NIC of a VM, e.g. from net0 to net1? If I rename it in the .conf file the NIC disappears. Regards, Afox
  11. Backup of mounted encrypted folder = security risk?

    so what you want to say is that only the encrypted data gets backed up and there might only be a risk if a swap partition is used?
  12. Backup of mounted encrypted folder = security risk?

    Hello, if I make a backup (Snapshot-mode) of a VM that currently has an encrypted folder mounted (ecryptfs). Would that be a security risk? Regards, Afox
  13. No interrupt remapping support

    Hello, I try to enable SR-IOV and mostly used 3 sources for this: 1 2 3 When I add a VF-PCi(e)-device to a KVM, it won´t start due to this error: What I did: Add required modules Enable iommu within grub Enable creation of VF via modprobe (max_vfs) Blacklist VF driver VFs are showing up...
  14. GPU Passthrough - Out of ideas

    hello, did you manage to get it working without "allow_unsafe_interrupts"? Regards
  15. SR-IOV blacklist VF on host (but use interface anyway)

    Hello, referring to this tutorial: When I blacklist the ixgbevf on the host, can I still use the same physical port for creating a bridge (vmbrX) on it? Example: I create 2 VF and pass them to VMs. At...
  16. Firewall SR-IOV

    Hello, is it possible to set Proxmox firewall rules for a SR-IOV device handed over to a KVM via PCI(e) Passthrough? Regards, Afox
  17. Hide internal hosts - what is it doing?

    if I look at the received header of this forum it looks like this: from ([]) by mail.provider.tld (provider [provider-ip]) with ESMTPS (Nemesis) id #### for <mailaddress@provider.tld>; Wed, 11 Sep 2019 17:45:00 +0200 from (localhost...
  18. [SOLVED] Can't query

    Indeed it was the apparmor and using apt remove apparmor fixed that issue. Thank you guys (also for making this software). Regards, Afox
  19. [SOLVED] Can't query

    hello, DNS should be working as I can reach the apt-repository. Regards
  20. [SOLVED] Can't query

    Hello, after upgrading to PMG 6.0 from PMG 5.2 via apt I get this when trying to update ClamAV: On the upgrade process I chose "use the version of the maintainer" instead of keeping the old config file. Regards, Afox


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