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  1. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    Thanks for the info, would you please let me know how can I configure VNI id of an interface in Proxmox using OpenVSwitch Bridge?
  2. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    In vxlan, is VNI equevalent of vlanID ? by setting VNI to each interface of a VM, are we isolating the traffic of that customer of others?
  3. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    My case is to offer private network to our many clients, each client may have more than 1 private network and therefor 4095 vlan tag is not enough to fully isolate each client's private network.
  4. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    Using an other field, can't we assign both VLAN field IDs from Proxmox configs? If so then we can have more than 16 million separated private networks. right?
  5. clone an LVM on shared LVM storage

    For purpose of fast provisioning we need to be able to clone a base LVM, which is raw OS image on it, Is that possible like what below link said in shared storage environment? ( of course we have SAN storage device)
  6. How to disable Spectre , Meltdown , ... kernel patches

    In latest versions of kernel 5.2+ we can disable mitigations by "mitigation=off" kernel command, but as Proxmox 6 is using kernel 5.0 I've disabled them by using this grub config GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 pti=off spectre_v2=off nospec_store_bypass_disable mds=off"
  7. How to disable Spectre , Meltdown , ... kernel patches

    For better Ceph performance, I need to disable all kind of kernel protections for CPU vulnerabilities, Is there any guide on how to ask kernel in Proxmox to do so? Servers are being used only for Ceph so I have no security concerns regarding disabling CPU vulnerabilities.
  8. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    That's correct, but doesn't OpenVSwitch supports IEEE_802.1ad ?
  9. Why we can't have more than 4094 vlan tag ID on OVS with GRE overly?

    I setup OVS switch on 10 nodes which are interconnected via GRE tunnels, but I can see Proxmox is not letting us create more than 4094 vlans because tag ID larger than 4094 is not validated in Proxmox interface or API. Is there any restriction based on GRE overlay that prevent us having more vlans?
  10. Prometheus guest exporter

    As far as I know recent versions of GuestAgent support executing any commands, therefor it should be possible to monitor guests from host, is that true?
  11. ovs rstp_designated_path_cost for GRE

    In proxmox documents I can see it's advised to set rstp_designated_path_cost for physical ports, but as I want to create a mesh network with openvswitch containing 20 nodes which all are connected together via GRE is it necessary to set path_cost for GRE too? I've tried command below but it...
  12. Prometheus guest exporter

    I wonder if there's any exporter that gather guest usage information from inside of them via GuestAgent and export them to prometheus? If not is it reasonable to use GuestAgent for gathering resource usage of VMs?
  13. iptables is not picking tap interface packets

    It fixed by using "-m physicaldev --physdev-in tap101i0" instead of -i, and it's because tap is layer 2 not layer 3
  14. iptables is not picking tap interface packets

    I've used a simple iptables rule to test some idea, but I can see it's not picking any packet on tap interface. Is that normal? root@node01:~# iptables -I FORWARD -i tap101i0 results: root@node01:~# iptables -L FORWARD -v -n Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes) pkts bytes target...
  15. OVS on many servers

    So as I've L2 connectivity between all nodes, how can I avoid establishing GRE between all pairs of servers?
  16. OVS on many servers

    My servers are all connected via layer2 switches, but I can't add so many vlans on them.
  17. OVS on many servers

    I've a cluster of 40 Proxmox nodes and I want to start offer private network to my clients, Each client of me may have few VMs on different nodes, and it's not static, they may add/remove VMs. My question is if I want to setup OVS based private networking it's necessary to add GRE for each two...
  18. Create RBD image based on another image

    I've build a cloned VM using linked clone from Proxmox interface, but consider when I want to rebuild that VM, I will need to remove the primary disk of that VM and add an other one which is based on an other base image, ( for example changing the OS of that VM from Ubuntu to CentOS ) Is there...
  19. OpenSM is not detecting ib ports

    And this also got fixed by "modprobe xprtrdma" I've add them to /etc/modules to auto load them after reboot
  20. OpenSM is not detecting ib ports

    After running "modprobe ib_umad" on both Proxmox nodes, OpenSM detects the ports but still the link is in initialization status: service opensm status ● opensm.service - LSB: Start opensm subnet manager. Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/opensm; generated) Active: active (exited) since Fri...


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