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  1. ZombieLand / RIDL / Fallout (CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2019-11091)

    Hey so ZombieLoad was announced today : No, I'm talking about the new speculative CVEs, not the movie. What's the response from Proxmox devs as to when we can see patches for this?
  2. Former Cluster, just disappears

    WOOT! IT WORKED! The cluster section under Data Centre now has "Join Cluster" enabled and "Create Cluster" greyed out! It says it's a cluster, and all that! Thanks a tonne! I'm commenting out the manual resolution in the hosts for the time being (now that they're rejoined), simply to keep...
  3. Former Cluster, just disappears

    Any chance I can get your clarification on above please? :) I'm holding off on executing to hear from you.
  4. Former Cluster, just disappears

    Okay I just want to clarify so I precisely follow your direction here Add dormant1 and dormant2 to the hosts of small1, small2 and bigboy1 On dormant1 and dormant2, stop pve-cluster FROM small1, copy /etc/corosync/corosync.conf TO dormant1 and dormant2 in the same location On dormant1 and...
  5. Former Cluster, just disappears

    And now I can't edit my above post to fix typos because "it looks spammy"... wtf?
  6. Former Cluster, just disappears

    Okay it looks like I messed up a good while ago, and I'm not sure the best course to correct this. I have 5x nodes. Small1 Small2 Dormant1 Dormant2 BigBoy1 Early history, the cluster was Small1 Small2 Then I got new servers, and added them to the cluster Small1 Small2 Dormant1 Dormant2...
  7. Proxmox VE 5.4 released!

    WOOT! Any word when we might be getting VM import/exprt? ;)
  8. Former Cluster, just disappears

    I think you're onto something about the DNS aspect, I did make a DNS change recently. I'll have to check that out and get back to you!
  9. Former Cluster, just disappears

    Yeah in the Datacenter section even lists "Cluster Nodes"... wtf
  10. Former Cluster, just disappears

    I'm not sure when this happened, but recently when I check the "Cluster" section of my Datacentre, it says there's no cluster. Except, it has been a cluster for over 5 years now, currently with 5x nodes. The whole cluster is 5.3-11, and I have been maintaining and upgrading it since about 2.3...
  11. Open vSwitch - InfiniBand

    Can I use Open vSwitch to interface Virtual Machines with an InfiniBand network for the purpose of having the Virtual Machines talk between each other (on same/different cluster nodes) over the InfiniBand network? And/or other purposes too?
  12. [Feature Add] Timestamps in backups

    Hi Folks, One of my nodes fell on its face last night, and I am uncertain why exactly. But that's not what this is about. I was looking at the backup log, and it looks like it happened during then, as quorum was lost and the backups were unable to make the changes to old backup stuff as...
  13. ZFS vs Other FS system using NVME SSD as cache

    1. Write endurance is one thing I did not find comparison on. I'll check that out, thanks! 2. I actually provide support for FreeNAS on the IRC channel, so I'm well aware of such things, and NVMe is not an _actual_ requirement for good/great SLOG performance. There's plenty of systems or budgets...
  14. Upgraded to 5.0, nodes seem to want to SWAP more

    I don't want it to _NEVER_ swap. I am capable of changing the swappiness parameter, I just am more reporting that the swapping behaviour seems to happen (by default/OOTB) earlier than it should. It seems like adjusting the "sane defaults", might be a good idea, or this might be an unforeseen...
  15. ZFS vs Other FS system using NVME SSD as cache

    1. I'm not seeing any difference (based on Samsung info) between the PM863a and the SM863a, apart from marketing that one is better for write-intensive workloads. The speeds and IOPS between the two (again based on Samsung docs) show almost identical numbers. So...? 2. Have you actually seen any...
  16. Upgraded to 5.0, nodes seem to want to SWAP more

    And? I'm not seeing how this is relevant to a change in swapping behaviour with a major release upgrade... Or, to rephrase it, swapping is happening _more_ since upgrading to 5.0 from 4.4, by quite a bit. Neither of the links you provided are relevant to that.
  17. ZFS vs Other FS system using NVME SSD as cache

    L2ARC is only going to be useful if you actually anticipate your ARC size to be much larger than your max RAM in the system. Otherwise it is useless and a waste of your money and time. If you have 128 GB of RAM available for your ARC (which I think you do?), that's going to give you a very large...


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