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  1. Old setup will no longer boot

    Ok. So I removed /media/raidhd from fstab and disabled zfs-import-scan, and now it works. I have no idea what hdraid is or where it came form or why the pool is already imported when zfs-import-scan tries to import it, but at least it works again now, finally! :)
  2. Old setup will no longer boot

    I've tried both installing proxmox-ve and pve-manager, but dpkg fails. I've also tried with rootdelay, with no success. ok.. Error from zfs-import-scan.service: cannot import 'rpool': pool already exists The UUID in /etc/fstab, shouldn't I be able to find it in "fdisk -l"? I have no idea...
  3. Old setup will no longer boot

    The problem is probably something simple as it's a basic setup that used the Proxmox GUI for setup and installation. Have been searching all day for a solution but I still have no idea whats going on. I know that the system have received updates and worked well until it was rebooted. It has been...
  4. Old setup will no longer boot

    I've had an Proxmox server running for a while. Now it won't start up properly for some reason. When booting it shows "Failed to start import ZFS pools by device scanning." Then it waits for "A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2duuid-....." and then "Welcome to emergency mode" By doing...
  5. Increasing prices for community edition?

    Inflation, really? The 49.90 EUR price adjusted for inflation would be 51.69 EUR today. I'm not talking about the standard and premium packages. The price increases are silent. There has been no available info about upcoming price changes, the numbers have just changed without anyone being...
  6. Increasing prices for community edition?

    That's where you're wrong. The subscription is(among other things for higher tiers) a service to get access to easy and stable updates, and you do indeed loose that functionality without a subscription. It is a service you pay for to get stable updates, and the pricing keep increasing...
  7. Increasing prices for community edition?

    Seems like they plan for at least a 5 EUR price increase each year, considering the pricing has gone like this since i started with community subscription: 49,90 > 59,90 > 64,90 > 69,90 > 74,90 The last two changes happened after this thread.
  8. Increasing prices for community edition?

    I would really appreciate some information on this and what to expect in the coming years.
  9. Increasing prices for community edition?

    Most people probably know that Proxmox VE used to be free and that Proxmox introduced a community licence for access to the stable repo. There was a lot of people complaining about this some years ago but I was one of those who thought that is was ok as the price was only €49,90/yr/cpu. But...
  10. [SOLVED] File ownership is sometimes incorrect when creating LXC

    Oh god, thank you so much for figuring it out wbumiller! I was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. Running as root does of course make sense.
  11. [SOLVED] File ownership is sometimes incorrect when creating LXC

    Yes, (Version: 1.27.1+pve.3), fully updated from pve-no-subscription. I really don't get why it only happens with some containers, and only if it has been exported. It runs, but ownership is messed up. After looking at the roadmap, might this be related to unprivileged containers? As far as I...
  12. [SOLVED] File ownership is sometimes incorrect when creating LXC

    My problem is that some images exported form LXD causes a problem with file ownership. It works if I use a image from and upload it directly to proxmox, but not if I start the image on my workstation, export it and then upload the image to proxmox. (some images works just...
  13. [SOLVED] Services not starting with LXC? (custom images)

    Uhm, well by reading this now I realize I really screwed up and somehow manged to remove systemd and replace it with sysvinit. *Embarrassed*:rolleyes: The method seems to be somewhat working, but the old IP sticks.
  14. [SOLVED] Services not starting with LXC? (custom images)

    I was looking for an easy way to create custom LXC images, and I found one: LXD + export. The problem I am having is that services are not starting when I start the container, at least that's what it seems like to me. I tried to do the following: 1. Used LCD on local machine and created a...
  15. Simplest way to make simple custom templates, like LXD snapshots

    With LXD one can take a snapshot and then easily use that snapshot to create a new template. You can do the same with proxmox, backup and then restore to create a new container, but then you have to change network settings and so on afterwards. Is there a super simple way to just add a current...
  16. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 16.04 Template for Proxmox 4.1

    Looks like it's out on no-subscription now, but I don't know if it's the same on the subscription repo. You can use official lxc images, but you have to uncompress them and compress them as tar.gz. Yay! :) LXC image...
  17. [SOLVED] Unable to detect OS disribution

    Ok, it's mostly me just being blind. I managed to have a rootfs folder inside the tar.gz, that's why 14.04 didn't work. I feel stupid now... I didn't think that was the problem as I got the "Detected container architecture: amd64" message. 16.04 gives me TASK ERROR: unsupported ubunt version...
  18. [SOLVED] Unable to detect OS disribution

    What is the naming scheme / what steps do we need to do to use the official LXC images form :)
  19. [SOLVED] Unable to detect OS disribution

    extracting archive '/var/lib/vz/template/cache/ubuntu-14.04-standard_14.04_amd64.tar.gz' Total bytes read: 383272960 (366MiB, 124MiB/s) Detected container architecture: amd64 TASK ERROR: unable to detect OS distribution What I did: 1. Download image and unpack it. 2. Tar.gz it and changed the...
  20. [SOLVED] Unable to detect OS disribution

    It's not specificly related to xenial, the official trusty tahr image gives me the same error.


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