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  1. DCC + Pyzor + Virus Scanners ?

    If Virustotal can be enabled, PMG would become the best virus scanning programme ever devised. They have a heuristic zero-day scanner no-one else has, which has just caught a malware in a screensaver .exe file I downloaded from
  2. [SOLVED] LXC Config File

    Just trying to find out what the difference is between: # pct exec 300 -- apt -y install git and # lxc-attach -n 300 -e -- apt -y install git ?
  3. [SOLVED] Reboot server and get on lxc Server refused to allocate pty

    >> I guess you have `devpts` somewhere in the container Where should I be looking for devpts other than in /etc/fstab?
  4. [SOLVED] Reboot server and get on lxc Server refused to allocate pty

    I get the same error : "Server refused to allocate pty" when I try to log in to SSH. As the /etc/fstab in my lxc container (migrated from Proxmox 3.1) is completely empty, not sure why i am getting this error. I am also unable to log in to the Console in the gui. It just hangs. Inside the...
  5. cPanel Disk Quotas for LXC - need help

    "a filesystem ignorant of the disks underneath, making bad decisions about allocation" ... Do you think those negative aspects of formatting a zvol w/ ext4 can eventually lead to hard disk and filesystem errors?
  6. cPanel Disk Quotas for LXC - need help

    Actually, formatting the zvol with ext4 does give you the quotas in lxc. Not the most efficient way to use zfs as you have two filesystems in action, but it does the job.
  7. Linux Kernel 5.3 for Proxmox VE

    Just curiosity ... What does the 2 at the end of your NUC model refer to? Is that some sort of 2nd version of that model?
  8. Shrink a Attached ZFS disk

    You make ZFS look so easy. If you want to resize the zvol to enlarge it from its original size rather than to reduce it, assuming the pool has enough space for it, do you need to re-format the underlying fs of the zvol (ext4 on top of ZFS)? In that case, would a simple backup copy of the...
  9. Reduce size container raw

    Can you use qcow2 for an LXC container? How?
  10. [SOLVED] lxc quota

    Could you briefly elaborate on using zfs as dir storage? Would that enable the 2nd-level user-group quotas in an LXC container? Thanks.
  11. [SOLVED] CentOS 6 OpenVZ to LXC migration issues

    I am getting these 2 errors when running your lxc-setup script in PMX6: ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc.d/rc0.d/S00lxc-halt': No such file or directory ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/rc.d/rc6.d/S00lxc-reboot': No such file or directory root@pmx5:~# ll /etc/rc.d total...
  12. Tainted: G - What does this kernel message mean?

    Getting this warning / error twice each second, sending the kern.log and messages files in /var/log on the Proxmox node into over-drive. Is it signalling a potential hardware failure? /var/log/kern.log --- ------------[ cut here ]------------ Jul 21 00:26:14 prox1 kernel: WARNING: at...
  13. cPanel Disk Quotas for LXC - need help

    Is there a solution to this ?
  14. venet like networking for lxc

    hk, this looks very promising. Would you mind writing down the precise configs you have in the interfaces on the hypervisor and in route-eth0 in the LXC that enables the venet like networking? Norman
  15. How to remove host's LE cert and release port 80?

    Hi Oguz I used the installation notes at I have now deregistered my LE account and deleted the LE host certficate from the GUI. But port 80 is still taken up / used by the host, which was a condition of installing LE (pls. see my original...
  16. How to remove host's LE cert and release port 80?

    Hi, Made a silly mistake on my single public-IP machine when I ignored the requirements for installing a Let's Encrypt certificate on the host. ---- There are a few prerequisites to use Let’s Encrypt: 1. Port 80 of the node needs to be reachable from the internet. 2. There must be no other...
  17. IPtables Rules for NAT reflection / loopback

    Hello Proxmox Network Gurus :-) I need your advice. I am stuck with 1 public ip on a Proxmox host, so I am using a bridge and NAT port forwarding to a single container. root@prox1:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces ........... auto vmbr0:0 iface vmbr0:0 inet static address netmask...
  18. Can't create LXC CT on ZFS

    ZFS : Convenience, speed, data integrity, compression (a 2TB physical disk transforming itself into 3TB+ like magic), ARC read cache, ZIL write cache, fast delta replications, z-sync, simplicity, easy admin, error corrections, fast mirroring, thin-provisioning, snapshots, cloning,........
  19. Can't create LXC CT on ZFS

    Directory on ZFS works very smoothly in Proxmox v3.4 containers w/ a combination of ZVols + Ext4 + OpenVZ. Haven't tried it w/ LXC as yet. I was a complete ZFS noobie this time last year. Now, I can't get enought of it.:D


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