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  1. Tainted: G - What does this kernel message mean?

    Getting this warning / error twice each second, sending the kern.log and messages files in /var/log on the Proxmox node into over-drive. Is it signalling a potential hardware failure? /var/log/kern.log --- ------------[ cut here ]------------ Jul 21 00:26:14 prox1 kernel: WARNING: at...
  2. How to remove host's LE cert and release port 80?

    Hi, Made a silly mistake on my single public-IP machine when I ignored the requirements for installing a Let's Encrypt certificate on the host. ---- There are a few prerequisites to use Let’s Encrypt: 1. Port 80 of the node needs to be reachable from the internet. 2. There must be no other...
  3. IPtables Rules for NAT reflection / loopback

    Hello Proxmox Network Gurus :-) I need your advice. I am stuck with 1 public ip on a Proxmox host, so I am using a bridge and NAT port forwarding to a single container. root@prox1:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces ........... auto vmbr0:0 iface vmbr0:0 inet static address netmask...
  4. Proxmox 3.4 Enterprise Repository

    Hello: Are there any differences with regard to what is being provided between the Enterprise and non-Enterprise repositories for Proxmox 3.4? Are there any advantages or pluses to having access to the Enterprise repository for v3.4? For instance, security updates, kernel updates, app...
  5. pve-zsync: how to config non-22 ssh port?

    This is the sync example given in the wiki: root@zfs1:~# pve-zsync sync --source 100 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 2 --name test1 --limit 512 Couldn't find any examples for configuring a non-22 ssh port. Also, what does "not possible to sync recursive" mean?
  6. noauto_da_alloc anyone?

    Never knew or heard about this switch for ext4 until now. " Delayed allocation is used by write system call. It delays real block allocation until written data is flushed from memory to disk. Prevent file fragmentation and decrease CPU utilization. Suppress writes to temporary files which exist...
  7. WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $spages ?

    Hi, I've just installed PMG-5 in an openVZ container (PVE 3.4, the container template is debian stretch from and all seems to be working fine. But, I am getting copious amounts of this error in the log files in /var/log/ . WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $spages in int at...
  8. DCC + Pyzor + Virus Scanners ?

    Hi, Is it possible to add DCC (, Pyzor ( and additional virus scanners to PMG? How? Thanks.
  9. Wget PMG ISO ?

    Hi, Is there a direct URL to download the PMG .iso file via ssh? Thanks.
  10. Proxmox 3.4 + OpenVZ + DRBD ?

    Hi, The DRBD article on the Proxmox Wiki explicitly says that only KVMs can be replicated with DRBD. Is that valid for Proxmox 3.4? Is it not possible to replicate OpenVZ containers with DRBD? Thanks.
  11. How To Relay Incoming Mail to Mail Server?

    Before installing PMG 5.0, here's what I can't seem to find an answer in the docs for. Let's assume the mail server and the PMG server are VMs on 2 separate Proxmox nodes. Every domain's MX record points to the PMG server. PMG filters incoing emails for the domain and then what? How does PMG...
  12. Same network config works in Stretch, stalls in Wheezy

    Hi Guys, Why is it that the network configuration below, on the same server, works great with Proxmox 5.1 & Debian 9, but does not boot with Proxmox 3.4 & Debian 7 (just replaced eno1 and eno2 with eth0 and eth1 in Debian 7)? root@srv2:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet...
  13. Dummy's guide to ZFS in Proxmox

    Hello Forum So let's say I want to create a ZFS pool on /dev/sda4 for containers, disk images, etc.. What are the quick and dirty steps (the ZFS commands) to create the pool, so that proxmox can use it to set up containers? Regards.
  14. CT Exclamatioon Mark

    Hi guys, I am getting a big bold yellow triangle with an exclamation mark for the 2 containers I operate (image attached). What exactly that means? And what can be done to find out what the problem might be. I can enter the containers from the host node and can log in to ssh without probs. But...
  15. Ports 80 and 443 not forwarding in Proxmox 3.1

    Hi Forum In v3.0, I was able to remove the /etc/apache2/sites-available/pve-redirect.conf file to allow forwarding of ports 80 amd 443 to a vz container. In v3.1, I can't see such directory or file. Those 2 ports will not forward to the container as they appear to be in use by proxmox. Can...


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