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  1. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    Hi! Today I upgraded to PVE6 on a 4-node cluster. The update went smoothly! :) Ceph updated to Nautilus without problems too! Thanks for the great work! Best regards Gosha
  2. Cluster Config multiple NICs for cluster traffic

    Hi! Try look here: Best regards, Gosha
  3. Do balloonings work?

    It is sad. However, the monitor also confirms this: Gosha
  4. Do balloonings work?

    Are you theorizing? Here is the practice: Windows immediately shows how much it is available to the maximum, even if it uses less than the minimum value. This is exactly how this VM is used. The whole working day of the VM uses less than 2GB, at night a backup program starts, for which 2GB...
  5. Do balloonings work?

    Yes. But unfortunately, I have not found anything useful there. Gosha
  6. Do balloonings work?

    Ок. The balloons were to be found among the modules: root@dstore:~# lsmod | grep balloon virtio_balloon 12997 0 virtio_ring 17342 5 virtio_net,virtio_pci,virtio_balloon,virtio_console,virtio_scsi virtio 13058 5...
  7. Do balloonings work?

    Very strange. But if you are interested in looking at this: Gosha
  8. Do balloonings work?

    Yes! And in the all my Linux-VMs! But why? "All Linux distributions released after 2010 have the balloon kernel driver included." I thought that this should suffice: # cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/*.conf | grep balloon balloon: 2048 New Question - How to enable use ballooning in linux-VMs? Gosha
  9. Do balloonings work?

    I read the Help unconditionally. There is no answer to this question: "Yesterday shown VM started using the Swap and the available memory was only 2GB." And also there is no explanation why Windows VMs in any case show all available memory. Gosha
  10. Do balloonings work?

    Hi! I'm trying to understand how the ballooning work. And my misunderstanding can be seen in the picture. Why VM see 2GB RAM presence only? This situation is observed for Linux-VMs. Windows-VMs see memory completely. Yesterday shown VM started using the Swap and the available memory was...
  11. Testing HA with 5.3

    I think you like Proxmox VE. ;)
  12. Testing HA with 5.3

    Hi! Do you understand that a VM on a cluster node is just a configuration file? This configuration file allows the node to allocate the necessary resources for the VM. And disks for all VMs in your case are stored in the SAN-storage. If you are using HA and have lost 2 of 3 nodes, then such a...
  13. Testing HA with 5.3

    I join this approach. And I use a similar configuration in my work. I have 4 nodes (the 5th node will be soon) in the main cluster (storage CEPH). And a single node with Proxmox VE as a backup server (for VMs and CTs from main cluster). Storage - 4 HDD ZFS RAIDZ-1. Gosha
  14. Testing HA with 5.3

    Hi! HA need quorum. Quorum - more then half nodes. For 5 nodes - more then half nodes (quorum) is the more then 5/2=2.5 i.e. 3 nodes. Best regards, Gosha
  15. frozen lxc container or standstill voice (asterisk)

    Ok. Please read first paragraph here: Gosha
  16. frozen lxc container or standstill voice (asterisk)

    "container freeze for 1.2 sec then network activity from corosync started" - is this a bad argument? ;) Gosha
  17. frozen lxc container or standstill voice (asterisk)

    Hi! You need to use a separate physical network interface for the cluster (corosync) needs. Like this: Best regards Gosha
  18. How do I license MS Server 2016 standard and assign cores?

    Extract from document "Licensing Windows Server for use with virtualization technologies": "However, the guest OS instances deployed and running in virtual OSEs on the server still must be appropriately licensed. This means licenses must be assigned to the server for all the physical cores on...
  19. Ceph: active+clean+inconsistent

    Hi! And You tried to do it? ceph pg repair 2.3d Best regards, Gosha
  20. Best Server Backup Software?

    For windows-guest: veeam backup


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